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Screen Printing Vancouver

This is Sam. She has been a press operator at GetBold since 2015.

GetBold is a trusted source for custom screen printing on clothing in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Our customers range from small birthday party t-shirt orders to massive retail customer orders such as Thrasher Skateboard Magazine and the Vancouver Canucks. We have the capacity to meet your needs and the skills to exceed your expectations. We have been screen printing and embroidering clothing since 1999 and have developed an impressive reputation of being the highest quality shop around. We can do it right, we can do it on time, and we can do it with confidence.

Popular Items for Screen Printing in Vancouver

Screen Printing Vancouver

Gildan Ladies Ultra Cotton Missy Fit #2000L

  • $5.05 ea
  • 5 colours
  • Small – 2XL
Screen Printing Vancouver

Gildan Ultra Cotton Classic Fit Shirt #2000

  • $5.44 ea
  • 30 colours
  • Small – 5XL
Screen Printing Vancouver

Gildan Heavy Blend Pullover #18500

  • $16.42 ea
  • 21 colours
  • Small – 4XL

The best quality screen printing in Vancouver.

At GetBold we are passionate about printed t-shirts. We love a challenge. Give us the chance to print your most complicated images and we will show you just how impressive screen printing can be! We work with many types of inks. Plastisol is our main ink, but we also offer discharge and water-based inks. We can print on a wide variety of materials with great success. Cotton is the most versatile and can offer the best results, but with the right art, and the right expectations, we can show you great looking prints on polyester, rayon, spandex, and tri-blends. If your images are complex and your goals seem difficult to achieve, give us a call or drop by for a visit. One of our knowledgeable customer service representatives would be happy to talk t-shirts with you and advise you on your best process and most likely pathway to success.

Can I bring in my own clothing for you to print on?

Generally, no. But there are some exceptions to this rule. We generally try to print only on materials we have vigorously tested, and on garments we can guarantee. Since everything we print on is going to be washed many times we need to know the print will be durable and remain bright and not crack. We can’t know this on materials that come from sources we are not familiar with.

What are the exceptions to this rule? First of all, if it is a very large print run, say around 500 pieces that you have manufactured yourself, and it is possible to find out some specifics from the manufacturer you used, we could probably make it happen. We need to be able to spend some time testing and checking for wash durability first, for your safety and ours.

The second exception is if you are ordering most of your products through us and just want to add a couple you already have. As long as you don’t mind taking the risk on the results, we will usually oblige. It can be risky, but usually, in this case, our customers are just asking us to do favour for that one guy on the team who wants something special. No worries. We can help.

The third exception is if you are a regular customer. If we know you, and we can’t provide you with something similar to what you want from our extensive catalog then we will do our best to help you out and print on what you provide.

For great quality prints, excellent customer service and on-time delivery, trust GetBold! We are the shop that cares.