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Welcome to Our Embroidery Department.

At GetBold, we have the the tools to get your custom embroidery job done right! We have modern embroidery machines and skilled operators who take the time and care to do it right.

We understand that not every job is the same, and proper care and attention is required to make sure threads are tight and don’t pull, and shirts don’t pucker. We’ve seen some disasters out there, so be careful when choosing your custom embroidery shop. We can recommend one if you’d like. (umm, GetBold)

You can order embroidery using our online order system. We have a video that shows you how.

“The smiling faces in this photo are Sara & Emma. They’re in charge of embroidery here and they are the embroidery champions.”

Embroidery on Hats

We can embroider on all types of hats. Baseball hats and toques are the most popular. We offer different styles of embroidery on hats. The most common specialty embroidery is puff. It costs a little more than standard embroidery, but it stands out, quite literally. Puff Embroidery can only be done on large areas so don’t expect puff to work on a super tiny font. That would be silly. We can also embroidery on the side of a cap, or on the back.

Send us your art. We can let you know if it will work. If you have questions, chat with us.

“Embroidery on a Hat. Outstanding!”

Embroidery on Polo Shirts

We do this every day on all sorts of different polo shirts or dress shirts. You can find a great selection of them here. We have the right techniques to keep the shirt flat, to avoid puckering, and to make your logo look sharp and professional. Just like you.

Embroidery on Jackets

The jackets we have available on our website are specially selected for embroidery. The fabrics take thread well, and if the jacket is lined, there are hidden zipper panels that we can sneak in behind so that the threads are only on the top of the jacket.
We have work jackets, and winter jackets,... even jackets for your dog!


Applique is the process of sewing fabric onto a garment. You see it most often with university letters on a sweatshirt. Lots of embroidery shops don’t do applique, because it’s time consuming and takes a special skill and training. At GetBold, we would consider that wimping out.

Really, the coolest embroidery out there is applique, and what’s the point of having all these machines and not making the coolest stuff?!

Designs for applique needs to be fairly simple to work. Don’t give us a water colour painting and ask us to applique it. Whew, that would be a crazy challenge, and I doubt it would look good. Stick to letters, or swoops or block areas of colour.

Applique is also time consuming to create, so it can be expensive. Because of this, we don’t do instant quotes on applique.

If you are looking for applique on your next custom clothing project we suggest you contact us to discuss it.
Our email is [email protected] or you can chat in the box below.

“This is Applique. It’s pretty darn cool.”

Custom and Creative Embroidery in Vancouver

At Getbold we have what it takes to make your logo shine.  Embroidery brings a depth and dimension to your logo that is very different than printing. When you view your embroidered logo for the first time, we hope you’ll be amazed by the sharpness of the stitching and shine of the different colour threads.

We at GetBold guarantee your satisfaction with the way your logo looks in embroidery. If for any reason you are not, we will continue to work on it until you are happy, or send you a full refund.  We take pride in our work and we want you to be proud to wear your embroidered logo.

What Will Your Logo Look Like In Embroidery?

Embroidery is made using threads and stitched with needles, this does present some limitations with regard to the size and detail that is achievable. Logos designed for letterhead, business cards, or the web often contain a lot of detail or very small text, so sometimes it is necessary to make minor changes to achieve the best results.

If your GetBold Design Expert determines that changes need to be made to your logo, we will contact you and tell you what our suggested changes are. We will then create a proof that we will send to you in a digital format that will show you exactly how your revised logo will look when embroidered. If you require changes or revisions, no problem, we will be happy to make adjustments until you are completely satisfied.

Minimum Letter Size

The biggest challenge in embroidery is lettering. Because of thread thickness and needle size, letters cannot be smaller than 1/4 inch tall. Most printed logos have text that is smaller than that, and sometimes embroidery requires a little reformatting to allow for the best possible results. Logos with excessive detail also often need to be simplified a bit to achieve consistent, reliable quality.

If we determine that changes need to be made to your logo, we will contact you and discuss your options. We will then create proofs of any changes we make and send them to you for approval.  We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. After all, it’s your logo. Our finished products all carry our GetBold Guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with your embroidered product, we will fix it, or refund your money.

Embroidery Costs

Embroidering with GetBold is a simple process. Our quoting system is simple and transparent and unlike most of our competitors, we price by the square inch, not by stitch count. Stitch count is the industry standard pricing method, however, we have found that stitch count can vary greatly from shop to shop even when embroidering the exact same logo. Because of this, it is impossible for a consumer to know before placing an order what the exact cost will be and it makes it very hard to comparison shop. At GetBold we charge by the square inch, a measurement that anybody can determine.

Instant Quotes

You can obtain your embroidery quote instantly right off our website.

  1. Just choose the item, click “get this item” then select embroidery and then tell us the size of the image.
  2. Then you must select quantities and garment colour. (Dark colour garments are slightly more expensive than light coloured and larger quantity orders receive greater discounts.)
  3. Once you have entered this info, the website will give you an instant quote. This is the actual price you will pay. There will be no hidden fees!
  4. You can put this quote in your shopping cart, upload your image to be embroidered and submit it right off the website.

At Getbold we believe in transparency when it comes to pricing. There are never any hidden fees, never any setup costs and shipping is always free.

Printing vs. Embroidery

Printing a logo is best suited for thinner fabrics such as t-shirts. Thin fabrics often don’t embroider well because the fabric shrinks in the wash, but the embroidery doesn’t. This leads to the puckering of the image.  We can reduce this by adding a heavy backing to the stitching, but this makes the embroidered area stiff and uncomfortable. As a result, we suggest that thinner fabrics be printed, not embroidered.

Also, printing is much better for large logos.  If you wish to cover the whole back of a shirt with your logo, we don’t suggest you embroider it. First off it would be really expensive, but most importantly, it would be so heavy that you would find it difficult to wear. Printing on large areas achieves much better results and remains light and breathable. It also adds very little extra weight to the garment.

Embroidery is most suitable for heavier fabrics like polo shirts, and jackets. It gives the best results on logos smaller than 16 square inches.  Also, embroidery is the absolute best way to logo a hat.  Baseball hats, bucket hats and toques all look fantastic with an embroidered logo.

What to Embroider On?

 At Getbold we offer a huge selection of garments that are perfect for your embroidered logo.  You can embroider on polo shirts, golf shirts, jackets, hats and sweaters. Any fabric that is sturdy can be embroidered. Our website has hundreds of items that are suitable for your embroidered logo. There is a sign at the top of each page that tells you if that particular item is recommended for embroidery.

  • If the word embroidery is in green, then it is perfect for stitching.
  • If it is in yellow, then it might be possible but with some restrictions.
  • If it is in red, then it is not recommended for embroidery.

Selecting Thread Colours

We will do our very best to select the most appropriate thread colour for your embroidered logo.  We have a display of all the colours in our showroom and if you are nearby we suggest you visit us to select your colours. If you aren’t nearby, we will do our best to select colours for you based on what we see in on our screen or by matching as close as we can to Pantone colours that you supply us.

Samples of Small Changes We Made to Embroider Logos

Here are some samples of small changes we have made to customer logos to achieve the best possible results with embroidery.

In this image, the customer’s original logo has very small text and thin lines. We made the text larger and thicker and thickened up some of the lines in the plane.

Embroidery with changes for AHMIC AIR

In this image, the fruit characters were too small and detailed to embroider well. We removed them for a simper clean look.

Detailed embroidery simplified for Razpachos Neveira