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Custom Hoodies for your Gym

Brand your gym with some awesome custom hoodies! People who work out at gyms regularly are the most likely customers to wear custom gym logo hoodies! To them, their gym is their lifestyle and they want to represent that every day. Of course, it doesn’t have to be just hoodies. You can make some branded t-shirts too, but custom hoodies are great for gyms because they can be used as a warm-up sweatshirt or something to wear on the way to the gym. It’s true… hoodies are a more likely garment to walk around town advertising your gym. The best part about making custom hoodies for your brand is that it is marketing that you sell to your customers! How great is that?! People paying you to advertise your brand. At GetBold we have a huge selection of hoodies that you can customize. Check out our vast catalog of hoodies here. And while you are at it, view some t-shirts too.

Popular Items for Custom Hoodies

Custom Hoodies for your Gym

ATC ES Active Core Pullover Hoodie #F2016

  • $31.70 ea
  • 5 colours
  • X-Small – 2XL
Custom Hoodies for your Gym

Gildan Heavy Blend Pullover #18500

  • $16.42 ea
  • 21 colours
  • Small – 4XL
Custom Hoodies for your Gym

M&O Unisex Pullover Hoodie #3320

  • $17.02 ea
  • 15 colours
  • X-Small – 5XL

Custom Hoodies are Great for Any Time of Year!

Custom Hoodies are great sellers at any time of year. In the summer they make for a nice early evening jacket, in the winter they are worn inside. People love to have hoodies that represent who they are. If you have a brand that your customers can identify with, you are sure to have a good result with selling hoodies to your clients. Your gym is a big part of their lifestyle. Put your logo on a hoodie and maybe add a snappy little saying. Something like ‘No Pain, No Gain’ . We’ve all seen that on a t-shirt or hoodie now haven’t we. Think of something that represents your gym. Put it on a hoodie and start selling!

What if I don’t have a logo for my gym?

If you don’t have a logo for your gym we can help you. We have professional designers on a staff who can walk you through the elements of great design and specifically one that will look good on a piece of custom clothing. Reach out to us here at GetBold and we will help you make your custom clothing marketing plan a success. We hope you give us a try. We hope you choose to GetBold!