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Contractor T-shirts

Make your contracting company stand out with custom made contractor t-shirts. We offer many different products that you can customize for your employees and your subtrades to wear on the job site. T-shirts are the obvoious choice, and they are very cost effective especially since they will soon be covered in saw dust, glue, plumbers putty and what-have-you. But of course there are many other options to brand your workers on the job site. Hats are a popular option – toques can have your company’s logo embroidered on them and they are great for those winter months. When it warms up, your team can switch to wearing caps with your contracting company logo beautifully embroidered on them. We also offer custom logos on jackets and work wear. Plus all kinds of safety wear too. Some of it certified for safety on the job site if that is what you need in your industry. Check out our sub-sections for our carefully selected apparel for your contracting business.

Popular Items for Custom Contractor Apparel

Contractor T-shirts

Gildan Ultra Cotton Classic Fit Shirt #2000

  • $5.38 ea
  • 49 colours
  • Small – 5XL
Contractor T-shirts

Gildan Heavy Blend Pullover #18500

  • $16.16 ea
  • 24 colours
  • Small – 4XL
Contractor T-shirts

AJM Duck Canvas Work Hat #7D630M

  • $11.11 ea
  • 3 colours
  • One size – One size
Contractor T-shirts

Big K Clothing Soft Mesh Safety Vest #BK101

  • $12.46 ea
  • 8 colours
  • Large – Large

Your Contracting Brand Needs Apparel

If you don’t have your contracting company logo emblazoned on your staff, I can guarantee you that your competition does. Why not look as good, and as successful as they do? Having branded staff makes you look like a serious business. Branding matters and helps to instill confidence in your customers.

Make sure your team looks their best! You make your job site look amazing, so why not look amazing while you do it? Branding you employees makes your company look more professional and instills confidence in your customers and your future customers. Besides, you don’t want your team members showing up to work in your competitors free swag do you? No Way! Put your team in high quality custom branded apparel with your logo on it. It will pay dividends in the future.