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Fundraising Stores Made Easy

We take the agonizing out of organizing.

Let us build you a store filled with custom clothing.

We collect the orders,
We sort the orders by transaction,
We can even box by classroom.

You earn money.

Watch the video to learn more.

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What people are saying...

Honestly, this was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done, and the most successful.
We will do it again! Get yourself a GetBold store. You wont regret it!
Colleen Foye. Brooksbank elementary School PAC

I used to hate organizing school clothing for the kids....We do many events per year...pinks shirt day, school trips, grad wear etc... All of it involved chasing down orders and sorting out finished goods. I hated it! GetBold stores solves all of that. Now it’s just about the ideas. Now I love doing clothing for the kids!
Adam Kozak, Windsor High school

School Spirit Wear, Pink Shirt Day, Grad Wear, Team Wear, Band Clothes, School Trips.

How it Works

You set the price for each item. We will tell you in advance what your worst-case scenario production price & set-up will be.

Our pricing structure is simple, the more you sell, the less the production cost per item. However, since we don’t know how many units your store will sell, it’s impossible to set an exact production cost before launching your store. To solve this problem, we have come up with a pricing structure that rewards you if your store sells well and avoids any surprise expenses if it doesn’t!

There are 2 factors to consider when pricing your items.


$75 per design store set up fee.

Once you sell 24 units or more of a design, the set-up fee will be waived for that design.  If one design does not sell you still pay the $75 store set-up fee for that design.

Keep this in mind as the more designs you offer, the more sales will be spread over different designs, meaning lower profit margins and more fees that will decrease your profits.


Your worst-case scenario pricing (WCS) will be pre-set for each design offered on the store. The WCS pricing is based on a 18-unit item price (quoted on our website), plus a $2.50 per item processing & handling fee charged to cover credit card processing fees and order packaging expenses. This is the maximum item production cost, no matter how few you sell. If you only sell 5 items, your item production cost will be the WCS price + the item set-up fee. We suggest setting your sales price at this amount, plus add your intended mark-up if any.

The best way to make money with a store is to have one design that can be printed or embroidered on several different types of items. The price and set up fees are by design, not items, so putting the same printed design on t-shirts & hoodies or the same embroidered design on hats, toques & jackets, will combine the sales numbers and get the lowest production price.

In conclusion if you have great sales, the unit cost goes down and your profits skyrocket! For example, if you sell 100 units of one design your production price will drop to the 100-unit discount price (as quoted on the website), plus the $2.5 per item processing & handling fee.

Check out the sales examples below:

Check out this example below:
Printed Hoodie WCS Production Cost: $32 Price on Store: $35
Total sold: 48

Since the design on this hoodie is the same as the t-shirt, the quanties are added together for a lower production price.

52 + 48 = 100

100 piece production price is $21.36 each

Store Price
Production Price
Per Piece Profit
$13.64 x 48 pieces
Stitched Hoodie WCS Production Cost: $38 Price on Store: $42
Total sold: 16

No combining can be done with this item as it is the only thing offered with this design.

WCS pricing is used.

$38 each, plus the $50 set up fee.

Store Price
Production Price
Per Piece Profit
$4 x 16 pieces
Subtract $50 set up fee
Printed T-shirt WCS Production Cost: $13.50 Price on Store: 20
Total sold: 52

Again, since this t-shirt has the same design as the hoodie, combined bulk pricing is applied to this t-shirt.

48 + 52 = 100

100 piece production price is $10 each

Store Price
Production Price
Per Piece Profit
$10 x 52 pieces

Total profit to your school is $1188.72

Remember, the more you sell, the higher your profit margin!

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Why Choose GetBold?

Besides the ease and convenience... you get quality and reputation.

GetBold is Canada’s highest rated custom clothing source. We print and embroider in house with qualified and careful staff, who deliver excellent quality every time.

We encourage you to check out our on-line reviews, visit our gallery of past prints, and call or chat with us to find out all you can about us.

Not all custom clothing providers are created equal. GetBold is the best you can find..

Here are some of our latest Google reviews.
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GetBold Stores Even Work for Small Orders

Small Order Sample

Parkside School is going on a school trip to Costa Rica. They want every student to wear a shirt while they travel. 18 kids are going on the trip. A store was used to organize the clothing so that the teacher didn’t need to collect sizing orders, chase down cash, and sort t-shirts.

There was no intent to make money on this store. Its benefit was to keep things simple.

So why use a store if there is no money to be made?

Easy... because it makes things simple. The teacher asked the students to lead the project. Students designed it. Students promoted it. (The teacher who was leading the trip had enough to do.) Students didn’t have to handle the money or sort the finished product. 18 shirts arrived individually bagged with the purchasers name on the bag.

Production Cost: $25
Sold on Store: $28
School Makes $3 per item

Actual sales: 18 pieces
School profit: $54

Subtract setup fees: $50
Profit to School: $4

Stores are usually open for two weeks.
Finished clothes ship two weeks later.

GetBold Stores Make Life Simpler

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