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Fundraising Stores Made Easy

We take the agonizing out of organizing.

Let us build you a store filled with custom clothing.

We collect the orders,
We sort the orders by transaction,
We can even box by classroom.

You earn money.

Watch the video to learn more.

View a sample store. CLICK HERE.

What people are saying...

Honestly, this was the easiest fundraiser we have ever done, and the most successful.
We will do it again! Get yourself a GetBold store. You wont regret it!
Colleen Foye. Brooksbank elementary School PAC

I used to hate organizing school clothing for the kids....We do many events per year...pinks shirt day, school trips, grad wear etc... All of it involved chasing down orders and sorting out finished goods. I hated it! GetBold stores solves all of that. Now it’s just about the ideas. Now I love doing clothing for the kids!
Adam Kozak, Windsor High school

School Spirit Wear, Pink Shirt Day, Grad Wear, Team Wear, Band Clothes, School Trips.

How it Works

The production price charged per item depends on which styles and decorations you choose. We will consult with you about your ideas and provide you a firm price based on your criteria.

In addition to the production price, there is a $50 set up fee for each item offered on your store. This set up fee will be waved on any item that sells more than 48 units.

Once your production price is established, you can choose the amount you wish to add for your school's profit. In this example below for Brooksbank School, they chose to add $10 profit on each piece sold.

Here is an example of how the pricing and payout worked for Brooksbank School:
Printed Hoodie Production Cost: $19 Sold on Store: $29
School Makes $10 per item
Actual sales: 45 pieces School profit: $450
Stitched Hoodie Production Cost: $29 Sold on Store: $39
School Makes $10 per item
Actual sales: 30 pieces School profit: $300
Printed T-shirt Production Cost: $12 Sold on Store: $22
School Makes $10 per item
Actual sales: 80 pieces School profit: $800

Total to School:

+ $300
+ $800

Subtract setup fees: $50 x 2 = $100
(no set up fee on t-shirts because more than 48 units sold)

In this example the school makes $1450

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Why Choose GetBold?

Besides the ease and convenience... you get quality and reputation.

GetBold is Canada’s highest rated custom clothing source. We print and embroider in house with qualified and careful staff, who deliver excellent quality every time.

We encourage you to check out our on-line reviews, visit our gallery of past prints, and call or chat with us to find out all you can about us.

Not all custom clothing providers are created equal. GetBold is the best you can find.

Here are some of our latest Google reviews.
Posted in 2017: First, my questions were promptly answered on the website chat feature. When I put my order in the mock-up proof was sent efficiently and was just what we wanted! Third, the order was done ahead of schedule. So pleased!Edit: Posted in 2019. Still ordering from GetBold! They are so prompt and the new ONLINE STORES for students to order online for a school order is THE BEST. Easy and efficient!
Jennifer Ohlhauser
Jennifer Ohlhauser
22:18 21 Feb 19
Easy to work with, very helpful. Quality of the items I've ordered is great. Fast turnover and shipping as well. Will definitely continue to order from GetBold in the future.UPDATE: I can't add more stars, but I did want to add that I needed more product quickly, and these guys delivered. Really happy with both the quality of the items and the customer service they offer.
Scott Werdal
Scott Werdal
22:04 19 Feb 19
Our experience with GetBold was fantastic! We went to their onsite location to look at the products and the employee who helped us was very friendly and knew his stuff. Right after the meeting, we ordered our items, and the process went very smoothly. Everything looked great and we were very happy with the quality, the help we received, and the overall process. We will definitely work with GetBold again!
Claudia Mathieu
Claudia Mathieu
19:49 01 Feb 19
GetBold did it again. Rob and his team have proven themselves as capable suppliers for my improv group, The Fidgets, as we launch our tour of western Canada in the winter of 2019. Great advice, excellent results, amazing prices and free shipping. Almost too good to be true.
John Hollingsworth
John Hollingsworth
16:47 28 Jan 19
Amazing Quality and Customer Service. This team is Pro- Series! We did a run of Toques - I sent in a photo of the style we were looking for and they quickly matched and did a mock up of what it would look like. Everyone was thrilled with the quality and they made it in our quick turn around. Already placed another order for hats now! Highly recommend!
Kate Johnson
Kate Johnson
21:21 08 Jan 19
They did it again! Amazing service, amazing response time for our questions! Going above and beyond for our shirts and overall making us very happy customers again! Thank you guys for making apparel ordering so flawless and easy! Looking forward to our next order!
Julie Beveridge
Julie Beveridge
00:12 15 Dec 18
Wow, these shirts are awesome! Our huge design turned out perfectly placed and printed on the shirts. The kids love them! Easy to work with (I submitted my design as a high resolution jpg no problem), quick turnaround, free shipping. We've got our new shirt company.
Craig Bresett
Craig Bresett
19:00 13 Dec 18
Ronnie at Get Bold was so amazing to work with. The end product came out amazing and the design was loved by everyone. Highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality merchandise and logos!!! Thanks Ronnie😍
Natan August
Natan August
19:08 30 Nov 18
The team at Get Bold always deliver great finished products to us on Mt Seymour - They are super helpful, knowledgeable & very efficient! I can not recommend them enough! Cheers Guys
Irfhan Mirza
Irfhan Mirza
21:01 23 Nov 18
Excellent quality, amazing service. I've used Get Bold several times over the last few years for clients, but this was the first time I've used them for my own business. The run was their minimum (15 pieces) and I had a tight deadline. Their online customer service was great, and their phone service was great. They printed and shipped to me well within my deadline, and the print quality is the best I've seen. My only slight disappointment was that I feel the shirts fit a little smaller than the sizing guide. Next order I will probably choose the next size up for a lot of my selection. Other than that, I couldn't recommend enough and I will most definitely be using again. Thank you!
Russell Clark
Russell Clark
17:43 06 Nov 18
Excellent service. Being my first time ever to order T-Shirt printing, Chris was most helpful and order was completed as promised. If I have to need T-Shirt printing service in the near future, Get Bold for sure. Highly recommended.Oct. 25, 2018This is my second time to order T-Shirt printing and I did it online and it was done easily, same as ordering in person. Rob responded and sent the layout rather fast. The shirts were done on time as requested. Job well done.
Amado C. Dela Cruz
Amado C. Dela Cruz
16:31 26 Oct 18
Seriously the best t-shirt company we’ve ever worked with! They do tons of other stuff to. But honestly, the whole team at Get Bold is top notch and always just a call away if need be. One of the few companies that I can say holds a high value for excellence when it comes to all they do.
gabe penner
gabe penner
15:18 09 Oct 18
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GetBold Stores Even Work for Small Orders

Small Order Sample

Parkside School is going on a school trip to Costa Rica. They want every student to wear a shirt while they travel. 18 kids are going on the trip. A store was used to organize the clothing so that the teacher didn’t need to collect sizing orders, chase down cash, and sort t-shirts.

There was no intent to make money on this store. Its benefit was to keep things simple.

So why use a store if there is no money to be made?

Easy... because it makes things simple. The teacher asked the students to lead the project. Students designed it. Students promoted it. (The teacher who was leading the trip had enough to do.) Students didn’t have to handle the money or sort the finished product. 18 shirts arrived individually bagged with the purchasers name on the bag.

Production Cost: $25
Sold on Store: $28
School Makes $3 per item

Actual sales: 18 pieces
School profit: $54

Subtract setup fees: $50
Profit to School: $4

Stores are usually open for two weeks.
Finished clothes ship two weeks later.

GetBold Stores Make Life Simpler

Get in touch with us today to talk to us about your next GetBold store.

Hit the chat button below during business hours, or email us for a quick response.

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