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Welcome to Our Screen Printing Department.

At GetBold we have the tools and the expertise to make your custom screen-printing job look amazing! We have top of the line equipment and skilled operators who take the time to do the job right.

No two custom jobs are the same. Each one requires special care to choose the right ink, the correct density and the right curing temperatures to ensure the image turns out exactly how you had imagined. Be it bright colours, muted tones, discharge water base, puff, or high density, we have mastered them all. Not all screen printers are the same. So be careful when choosing where you get your custom printing done. There are many things that can go wrong, and we’ve seen some disasters out there. GetBold is a shop with integrity. We care about every order.

You can order your screen printing through our website on-line ordering system. We have a video that shows you how.

“Meet Tomo. He is our amazing shop manager. He personally oversees every job we screen print for quality and excellence!”

Specialty Screen Printing in Vancouver

At GetBold we offer many specialty screen-printing options. We can print your image using glitter inks, shimmer inks or metallic inks. We can print with discharge water-base inks that absorb right into the fabric and can’t be felt with your hands at all. The opposite of that would be puff printing, where the image puffs up above the garment. We have made some really great designs using a combination of puff and foil. Foil comes in lots of great colours or patterns and with the help of our in-line foil applicator, we can add foil to any part of your design and print other colours around it. Foil is incredibly shiny and reflective and is actually glued onto the shirt with a glue that we print just like an ink. People really love it!

Our customer service reps and art department can help you decide if specialty inks are the best options for your custom design. If you would like more information feel free to hit the chat button on this page and ask us some questions, or send us an email or give us a call. We are always happy to help!

“This is Sam. She has been screen printing at GetBold since 2016. She does a great job!”

Screen Printing on T-shirts

Screen printing on t-shirts is the most common way to get an image on a t-shirt. The reason for this is that it is durable and the process lends itself well to heavy and rugged inks that wash well and hold up to flexing and bending with a garment. Think about it? What other printing application is expected to hold up well after being washed one hundred times. Screen printing can do that.

We can screen print almost anything on a t-shirt. Simple logos or even photographic images can be created using layering of inks and blending of colours right on a t-shirt. But remember, the more colours in your image, the more it costs you to print it. In the case of screen printing, the old saying ‘less is more’ generally applies.

“Eric, our lead screen printer, makes some adjustments to head number six with our ink mixing station in the background.”

Screen Printing on Sweatshirts

We can screen print logos on all kinds of garments. Sweatshirts are a very popular option. When screen printing a sweatshirt, be careful not to expect incredible detail – for example...a photograph of your uncle. That’s not going to screen print well on a sweatshirt. Screen printing on a sweatshirt is best with blocks of colours , not colour bleeds or half tone dots. I’m not saying it’s impossible to print a photo of your uncle on a sweatshirt, but it’s a complicated process that is quite involved and typically looks better on t-shirts than sweatshirts. The reason for this is the thickness of the fabric. The thicker the fabric the more likely those tiny dots of detail squish out under the pressure of the squeegee against the thick soft sweatshirt and detail gets lost.

If you plan your art to be simple, and only a few colours, you will probably be the most happy with the results on a hoodie or a crew-neck sweatshirt. You can do some pretty great art with one or two colours. AND - the fewer colours, the less you will pay.

“Plastisol inks come in hunderds of colours as well as specialty inks such as glitter or metalic.”

Screen Printing In North Vancouver

GetBold is an urban Canadian print shop. We do all the manufacturing right here in North Vancouver, BC! We don’t ship your orders overseas or across the country to be made. Our facility is right near the Ironworker’s Memorial Bridge in North Vancouver. If you are nearby, you are welcome to drop by our showroom – if you ask nicely, we will even give you a tour and you can see the presses in action. At GetBold, you can be sure you are getting top notch t-shirt printing, and at the same time employing Canadians who live and work nearby.

Drop us a chat in our live chat box if you have any questions, or give our office a call at (604) 984 4117. We are excited to help you create the perfect print for your needs!

FAQs about screen printing at GetBold

Here are some commonly asked questions about our t-shirt printing services in North Vancouver:

  • Can I bring in my own shirts?

Unfortunately no. There are too many variables when it comes to the fabrics that we print on. We can’t be sure how your t-shirts are going to hold the ink, and they might even melt while we cure the ink. We prefer to stick with the styles we know and trust and can stand behind the results.

  • What are your minimums?

For screen printing, our minimums are 12 pieces per design. You can combine a few different items that are getting the same design to reach 12, such as 5 t-shirts and 7 hoodies.

  • What type of file should I submit?

Vector art is best because it can be scaled without losing detail. So a file like Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or Corell draw. Or an EPS or PDF saved as a vector. We can work with pixel images too. JPG or PSD can work, but make sure the art is created at a high resolution (300 DPI is recommended). You should be able to zoom in to the image to 300% and still have pretty sharp lines.

  • Do you do printed samples?

No. Unfortunately, the bulk of the time to make a screen print is in the pre-press.It takes just about as long to make a sample as it does to print the whole run, which makes sampling not cost effective. We do send you highly detailed digital proofs and if you want to come by our show room, you can see lots of samples of our printing and try on some styles.

So what kind of Screen Printing do we offer?

At Getbold we are experts at custom screen printing. We have knowledgeable staff and excellent equipment that delivers the best results every time.

At GetBold we offer many types of screen printing on t-shirts , sweatshirts and a wide variety of other garments.

Here is a list of techniques we offer:

  • Standard plastisol printing
  • Reduced plastisol printing
  • Specialty inks such as glitter and puff and glow in the dark
  • Discharge plastisol inks
  • Discharge water base inks (limited colours)
  • Inline foil in many colours or patterns
  • Athletic prints
  • Simulated process inks
  • CMYK

We have talented artists who can help you with your design, and excellent colour separators who can make your complex design look amazing on a t-shirt.

Did you know that GetBold won the award for t-shirt printer of the year with the Canadian Business awards? Quality prints and satisfied customers has always been our calling card.

If you are looking for quality screen-printed apparel anywhere in Canada, look no further than GetBold!

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of forcing ink through a stencil. It is quite possibly the oldest form of printing around, except now we have the added benefit of computer generated art and incredibly detailed stencils. First we separate your art into separate colours. Then, we make a separate screen for each colour in your design. We load each one of those onto a printing press, and we fill the screen with ink and then push the ink through the stencil with a squeegee. We can make really detailed prints by stacking up different colours of ink and blending them together on the t-shirt.

Once the shirt is printed, it goes on a conveyor dryer and goes on a trip through an oven. When the shirt gets to 320 degrees Fahrenheit, the ink is cured and is permanent.

Many different types of inks can be used in screen printing. This is what makes it better than digital printing. glitters, foils and many other kinds of inks can be loaded into the screen and pushed through the stencil with the squeegee. So many options…so few shirts!

Choose GetBold for your next screen printed t-shirt project.

GetBold has been a satisfying clients in North Vancouver and across the country for more than 20 years. With customers in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and even as far as the North West Territories, we deliver quality printing at a reasonable price.

Take a look through our website and check out our carefully selected products. We have assembled this collection of goods based on what we know will print well. There will be no surprises and no disappointments.

At GetBold we stand behind what we make. We hope to have long relationships with all of our customers – making great products for them again and again. If you are looking for custom screen printing on t-shirts, sweatshirts or any other garments, give us a try! We would be happy to make you a satisfied customer!