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Custom Neck Labels


Brand Your T-shirts with Custom Neck Labels

Add your brand to the neck label of your t-shirt or sweatshirt order to give your finished garment the most professional look. Whether your a small boutique t-shirt brand just starting out or a major player, GetBold has the skills and machines to give your garments that professional look of a branded neck label.

Many of the items we offer have tear-away paper labels. You need to choose one of these brands because they are meant for custom labels. We can easily remove the current neck label without stitch ripping and place your custom neck label in its place. Now you look like a professional t-shirt brand!

Most custom neck labels are printed into the shirts. They include your logo, washing instruction, place of manufacture, and most importantly, the size of the shirt. We can help you create the art for your neck label. We have the washing instructions and manufacture information for each shirt we offer for custom neck labels. 

These items have tear away neck labels so are popular for re-branding.

Custom Neck Label T-shirts

Alstyle Classic T-shirt #1301

  • $5.43 ea
  • 16 colours
  • Small – 4XL
Custom Neck Label T-shirts

Jerzees NuBlend 2-Ply Fleece Pullover #996

  • $16.42 ea
  • 16 colours
  • Small – 4XL
Custom Neck Label T-shirts

Alstyle Ultimate Fitted Ringspun T-shirt #5301

  • $7.39 ea
  • 7 colours
  • Small – 2XL

Branded Neck Labels for T-shirts and Sweatshirts

Most custom neck labels are printed in. The reason for this is the cost is less and there is no need for manufacturing of woven labels for sewing in.

Custom Printed Neck Labels

The minimum print run for custom neck labels is 100 pieces. This is 100 pieces total…so you can combine a few print designs with the same neck label to total 100, and don’t worry if you only have 20 per size, as long as the total number getting neck labels is 100 pieces.

T-shirts: $1.00 per screen printed label + plus a set up fee of $35.

Hoodies: $1.50 per heat transferred label + plus a set up fee of $35.

If you order more than 500 neck label prints the cost is $0.95 per print and the set up fee is waved.

If you are doing more than 1000 neck labels please give us a call. We can sharpen our pencils for large quantities.

Sewn In Woven Neck Labels

Sometimes you need a sewn in neck label. We do not make woven neck labels here, but we can sew them in for you if provide to us. The minimum order for sewn neck labels is 100 units.

Cost for sewn in labels:

T-shirts: $1.60 per label

Sweatshirts: $1.90 per label

Custom T-shirt Neck Labels in Vancouver

For the best branding of your custom t-shirts and sweatshirts, it is highly recommended that you add a custom neck label. We can do that for you!

Our neck label services are fast, cost-effective, and look great. Give us a call or send us a message to chat with us about your custom neck label project.

Happy customizing!