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Start By Choosing a Blank Item for Printing or Embroidery.

We have carefully selected products that offer the best results for screen printing or embroidery. From T-shirts to aprons, to jackets and sweatshirts.  Click on a selection below to find the best item for you!

Make a Lasting Impression

GetBold t-shirts are great way to leave a lasting impression. Our large selection of blank goods combined with our multiple decorating options are a recipe for success. Custom designed t-shirts, Embroidered sweatshirts, or hats, Custom printed t-shirt, patches – there are so many options!. With GetBold, we will offer you the best selection and the best quality decorating.

Creating Your Own T-shirts is a Breeze

We prefer the hands on approach at GetBold. Our customer service reps will view your art and your t-shirt selection and make very detailed proofs for you to view. We don’t do design online here, because it leads to a lot of mistakes. We prefer to talk to you, and communicate clearly. After all, you are spending a lot of money.  Click, click, pay, and then cross your fingers seems way to risky to us.

  1. Choose from our wide selection of t-shirts, sweatshirts, or other clothing.
  2. Submit the art and the order for us to review.
  3. We Send You Proofs. Review them, approve them and then we will print.

We are always available to talk about your order. You will have your own customer service rep and his personal email and phone extension. Ever customer is important to us, and we make sure you feel looked after.

For all your screen printing, embroidery, and design needs, contact us today!