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Custom T-shirts for Yoga Studios

Custom T-shirts and tank tops for yoga studios are a great choice for marketing and brand loyalty, while providing your clients their new favourite yoga shirt. Everyone needs workout gear, and yoga studios have tons of loyal clients that would love to rep their yoga studio. Do you have a slogan or a beautiful logo for your yoga studio? We can print custom t-shirts or tank tops with your design that will look so great you’ll want to wear them everywhere!

Popular Items for Custom Yoga Studio T-shirts and garments

Custom T-shirts for Yoga Studios

ATC Ladies Eurospun Tank #ATC8004L

  • $11.56 ea
  • 6 colours
  • X-Small – 4XL
Custom T-shirts for Yoga Studios

M&O 65/35 Poly Blend Tee #3541

  • $6.75 ea
  • 11 colours
  • Small – 2XL
Custom T-shirts for Yoga Studios

M&O Ladies 65/35 Poly Blend Blend Tee #3540

  • $6.15 ea
  • 10 colours
  • X-Small – 2XL
Custom T-shirts for Yoga Studios

ATC Heather Performance T-shirt #S3517

  • $14.61 ea
  • 9 colours
  • Small – 4XL
Custom T-shirts for Yoga Studios

Sportsman Knit 12″ Toque #SP12

  • $6.67 ea
  • 8 colours
  • One size – One size

Custom Embroidery for Yoga Studios

A popular choice for yoga studios in Vancouver and Canada is embroidery on a toque. Yoga fans will head to yoga any time of the year, even in the cold Canadian winter – what better way to stay warm on the way to class than with a custom toque with your yoga studio logo! Toques are in style all year round so your clients can continue to wear your brand whenever they want to spice up their look. We can print or embroider toques or hats right here in Vancouver, Canada for your yoga studio.

How do I choose a garment for my custom yoga studio t-shirts?

Choosing a garment can be one of the hardest parts of ordering custom t-shirts. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have a great customer service team on board with extensive knowledge in the most popular items for any kind of business, including yoga studios! A common choice for yoga studios is something soft yet breathable – such as the M&O 3540 and 3541 . These shirts have a heathered look as well, which is loved by yogis all over. If you aren’t sure, you can stop by our showroom in North Vancouver to check out some garments!