What Exactly is a Tri-Blend?

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Custom T-Shirt Fabrics


When it comes to Custom design screen printing, GetBold takes the garment palette seriously. We know what the garments are made of. For you, we can share this information so that you’ll know what to expect when you order. You may find, like a t-shirt wearer, that there is probably nothing more important to you than what the t-shirt is made of. The fabric affects everything from the overall result to the look and feel.

Basically, t-shirts fall under three main fabric categories:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Cotton/Polyester Blend
  • Tri-Blend


What is a Tri-Blend?


This is the option that combines three fabrics: polyester, cotton, and rayon. Rayon is a moisture-absorbing silk substitute, that is perfect for the athlete and overall recreationist. Its light, flexible, and soft, making it highly comfortable and forgiving.

Tri-blends are better than 100% rayon because they add the substance of cotton and polyester, making them the perfect apparel material. A tri-blend is super soft. With rayon and polyester, this garment has extra softness and the ability to stretch where you do. That’s comfort. Moisture evaporates easily from this material, so it stays light and airy even if it gets wet. Tri-blends aren’t the heavier, thicker, cotton, or cotton blend shirt. But if light and silky is your goal, then this option is perfect.


The Tri-Blend Palette for Printing


Normally, water-based inks remove the colour of cotton, replacing it with the ink colour. So, printing on 100% cotton is going to provide the most vivid colour. Consider tri-blends to be best for that “vintage look”. This material affects ink in a way that makes it look a little faded. Another term for it is “natural weathering”.

The printing on a tri-blend is going to be less vibrant than printing on cotton, or cotton/polyester blend. That said, we are GetBold, so if you want a bolder colour feel, we figured that out. We have bolder inks we can use. The printing may have a thicker feel to it, but it will still feel comfortable, be durable, and be more vivid than our soft ink.


The Rest of the Story


Tri-blends do not shrink like cotton shirts. There may be a slight bit of shrinking but you won’t notice any fit issues, and it will maintain its smooth shape. We do have our favourite tri-blends, so when you’re ordering a shirt from us, you’ll know what to look for.

Our favourite tri-blends are:


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