Uniform Designing Mistakes To Avoid For Better Results

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Avoid Uniform Design Mistakes

Get Better Results


Increasingly, company uniform shirts are being created as a way to help everyone feel like they’re on the same team. There has been so much progress in uniform designing and production over the years that custom screen-printing processes can be applied to uniforms for office staff. Custom embroidery is also a great way to display it. Just about every brand has gotten into the custom apparel market, so, there are few limits as to style and quality.

A uniform look for work is nothing new. Many successful people have adopted them, from Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs to Karl Lagerfeld, any consistent selection can be considered a uniform and reflect the corporate style. It is somewhat common for men to opt for simple jeans and t-shirts, but women can also create their own personal uniform look. It just takes more time and is more of a subject for discussion.


Avoid Mistakes


As we create unique and outstanding designs, whether, with screen printing, or embroidery, it is easy to make mistakes. Here are some to look out for:


Not Thinking of the Team:


A great idea can come from anywhere. All you need to do is recognize it when you see it. If you don’t ask the team what they think, they may not buy into the uniform idea at all. The only way this works is through compliance and showing that you respect their ideas. If you do that, they may even respect yours. This is a great opportunity to win friends and influence people, and they influence you too. You may hear something you hadn’t considered and end up feeling grateful. For instance, maybe you are the only person in the entire world that likes the colour you chose. Surprise!


Opting for Cheap:


The phrase “you get what you pay for” applies here. The idea is to help the employee feel proud of their uniform, their company, and their job. Cheap clothing affects not only employee performance but job satisfaction as well. It reveals a lack of sophistication and knowledge. You don’t want to choose the quality of the garment as a way to salvage the budget. Discolouring, wearing out, the sewing in the seams gives way, and after just a few wearing’s and washings, the garment loses its shape.


Only One Style:


One option is no option. There is no choice. You’re simply forcing one uniform on everyone. Again, the goal is not to dictate, it is to inspire, and the perception of the team is one of carelessness and a lack of consideration for the team members. Decisions like this result in serious company ramifications down the road. This kind of decision also flies in the face of what is appropriate attire for the type of job the team member is performing.


The Wrong Role:


There are different uniforms for different jobs. You don’t want to give a labourer the apparel a chef would wear. What would that person wear to do their task? Is it flexible and easy to move in? If the fabric is too heavy, work is likely to seem burdensome, reducing productivity and enthusiasm. Not only is comfort and functionality important, considering women’s wear, as well as men’s, must be part of the plan.

Additionally, the perception the client has of your personnel affects your brand reputation. Employees in contact with clients should reinforce the look of success. Make sure the uniforms fit and aren’t too tight. Every single exchange a client has with your employee sends a signal and causes them to form an impression. Brand reputation is everything, and everyone is unique, but they can all have one thing in common, a uniform.


GetBold Knows the Code


GetBold doesn’t just print off, or embroider a bunch of shirts, we consider your company structure, look for and avoid mistakes, and help you use the opportunity to build a sense of pride. This is about people, and people are all different.

We are a custom T-Shirt Printing company in Vancouver Canada. Contact us and we’ll get started working closely with you to give you a uniform that everyone can buy into. We’ll show you how to make your team bold, beautiful, and unified.