Tips to Make Your Custom Tote Bags Stand Out

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How to Create an Eye-Catching Tote Bag

In a world filled with tote bags, you can have one that stands out from the crowd. It’s a great way to extend your brand and promote your business in a target-rich environment like a trade show. The size and shape of a tote bag lend itself to making a pretty big impact, and visitors carry it around, spreading the word.

But with all those totes, how can yours be a success? Well certainly anyone loyal to your brand can answer that question for you, but what if you need to appeal to an even larger audience? Or what if you are a relatively unknown small business? How do you create a memorable and intrusive statement? How can you get noticed? We have some ideas about that.

Whether you have professional promotional goals, or you just want to design a bag for your group, team, or club, you can create a custom tote bag that makes a memorable impact.

Make it Yours

To make sure that your tote bag stands out you need to make sure that your logo or your design is unique. Avoid the trap of the copy-cat. Come up with something new, that is truly your own. If you simply pull something off of the net, chances are it has been seen everywhere already and the only impression you’ll make is of being unimaginative. Start something new.

Less is More

It is not as easy as it sounds to say less. Simple doesn’t mean plain or boring. Sometimes, especially if the word or words are impactful enough, not letting the design get in the way of the message makes a real impression. Remember, when everything is screaming for attention, nothing is heard. Sometimes, saying one thing well is better.

Colour Counts

Colour has an interesting effect on people, different colours influence us in ways we cannot necessarily identify. Choosing the right colour combination can determine whether your message or logo stands out or melts into the background. Colour can communicate as much about your concept as anything else. There are cultural and topical references that certain colours make, from fashion, ecology and economy to technology. Colour can be used to reinforce ideas.

You Can Use Special Inks

Many times, the difference between so-so and stand out, is in the execution. A great way to pull-off getting noticed is in the use of special inks. Consider metallic, glow in the dark, neon, or reflective, as ways to enhance your design idea.

It’s in the Bag

The bag colour itself is another way to stand out. You can choose from several colour options or you can print a bespoke dyed bag in whatever colour you’d like. Either way, a tote bag is a great canvas to work with.

Print Stitch or Both

CMYK printing is a versatile way to create effects on tote bags. This method turns your design in 4 colours. This is nearly limitless and can represent a photographic image. DTG printing can even give you more detail and photo-realistic effects. Tote bags may be a good opportunity to try embroidery or a combination of embroidery and printing.

GetBold Just May Be Your Bag

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