Tips for Designing Custom Hoodie

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Get the Best Tips for Designing Custom Hoodies

Hoodies are popular in Canada. Hey, its Canada. Hoodies are warm and cozy. Is it any wonder? Getbold can turn an average hoodie into a statement. We have the perfect hoodie, with the colours, sizes and style for your taste and needs. Of course, a hoodie is a comfortable garment anytime, just slip it on and go. With a customized hoodie, you can take it to the next level and make a statement. 

Your logo can be applied using embroidery. If your design is simple and bold it is the way to go. There is no brighter and bolder way. Screen Printing is also a popular option. Whether you want to rest in comfort or represent your team boldly, a hoodie is the way to go. 

Design a Custom Hoodie with Getbold

As with any other apparel, if you want to make a statement, know what it is before you begin the design process. What is the occasion? What is the statement? If you are customizing a hoodie for sale, think of a message. Only then can you design a way to say it.

Materials and graphic elements help you determine your message, but the most unique hoodie will be the one you add your design to. To make it exclusively you, you might try adding your own design or illustration. Placement and size can be your decision as well. You can have a completely customized hoodie design to sell. You can keep them some for your wardrobe, give them as gifts, or make a business out of it.

Details That Matter

There are some guidelines to factor in that GetBold can help you with, which will make this a trouble-free experience.

1.    Size matters. With our system it is easy to determine the right size and location for your design so that it is visible and readable. Sizing also depends on your design’s level of complexity.

2.    Hoodies are a cozy way to stay warm in northern weather. Order more than one hoodie so that you have one ready and available if one is either damaged or in the wash. If your design is your business, you’ll notice how quickly the price per hoodie drops when you order more.

3.    We can help you determine whether your hoodie should be produced using screen printing, direct to garment, embroidery, or applique. The size, complexity, and quantity are factors that determine the practicality of the production method.

4.    Choosing the right hoodie is also important. Whether choosing from zippered, retro styles, a wide range of colours, or simply for warmth, establishing your garment is a great place to start. One reason that hoodies are so popular is that they are so comfortable. Quality fabric is important, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of that comfy cozy feeling.

5.    Order ahead to avoid last-minute hurdles and rush charges.

GetBold Knows Hoodies

GetBold has built its reputation over the years for being experts at creating custom hoodies and delivering consistent quality. We have customers with a wide variety of uses for hoodies, we learn all we can about all of them so that we know the unique requirements going in. We want to be more than your printing partner we want to be your knowledgeable consultant. Whether you’re printing a small quantity for your family or looking for a large quantity for your company, possibly embroidered, GetBold is the solution.

Whether your needs are simple and you just have a matter of minutes to get it done at a low cost, or you would rather take some time to show off your talents and creativity, we are here to make it the best it can be every step of the way.