How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Material: Fabric Blend 101

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How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Material: Fabric Blend 101


You’ve spent some time developing and resolving your custom t-shirt message and design. But wait, finding a quality garment and shirt material is also vitally important and reinforces the message. Often, garment style and fabric are an afterthought when they should be an integral part of the message.

In addition, different types of materials significantly affect printing or embroidery. All the garment materials we offer are soft and comfortable, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. But some are softer than others, and some hold ink colour more vividly or are better at carrying embroidery work.


The “Wear-For” and the Why of Fabrics


100% cotton t-shirt fabric, for example, is an economical option that shows off the printed colours most vividly. Nothing shows off the colour of the ink like a 100% cotton shirt. They are the least soft option, but softness really depends upon usage, and you all likely know the feel of cotton already. You are probably also familiar with the variation in quality that exists from company to company. We’ll help you find just the right balance of quality, comfort, and cost. For those looking for a cost-efficient and bold display of the image on casual wear, not subject to physically demanding activity, cotton may be your best option.

Polyester and cotton blends offer a slightly softer option, often more water-resistant and are not as prone to wrinkling and tearing as 100% cotton shirts. Polyester is a very common fabric for shirts, and this fabric also provides more stretch. So, when all is considered, this might be an appropriate fit for those needing a softer, more durable, and stretchable shirt for daily physical activity.

Tri-blend t-shirt fabric is made of a blend of three materials: cotton, polyester, and rayon. Rayon is manufactured and technically sophisticated stuff. One doesn’t think of wood pulp when they hear the term rayon, but this is what it is made from. This pulp can be made into a fabric that can feel like silk, wool, linen, or cotton. Of the three main options, tri-blends affect the ink on the shirt the most. As rayon doesn’t take the ink like cotton, you might factor that into your design and the overall impact of the shirt. Also, it is the most expensive of the three main options, but it is also definitely the comfiest and most durable.

This material is like wearing silk, and it breathes, stays dry, and is flexible. Tri-blends make ideal athletic or activewear.




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