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Custom T-shirt Printing & Embroidery Langley


If you want to set your team, school, or company apart from the rest, there is one sure-fire way to do so; reach out to GetBold for all of your custom T-shirt printing or screen printing needs! While our screen printed shirts and other logo wear are always guaranteed to look great, there is so much more to them than that. Logo wear serves many purposes, and there is no one in the business better for the job than the embroidery and printing experts at GetBold.

Perhaps the most valuable, unsung benefit of screen printing the logo of your team, school, or company on the clothes or gear of your choosing is the free marketing that is associated with it. Every time someone wears a shirt or uses a reusable bag with your logo on it, hundreds of people are being exposed to the business behind the design. While some organizations pay thousands of dollars for one-off marketing ideas, logo printed clothes will continue to promote your company for their entire lifespan. Further, they travel – which means people will become aware of your team, school, or company near and far!

While it may not seem like much, shared wardrobes do promote a certain level of comradery. Knowing that everyone under the same umbrella shares a uniform or logo gives them a certain level of ownership and something to be proud of. T-shirts and jerseys accomplish this well, but it doesn’t have to stop there! There are all types of things you can print onto, and ultimately it is your choice what is the best medium for the design!

No matter the organization or design, the experts at GetBold has all of your Langley custom T-shirt printing, embroidery, and applique needs taken care of. No job is too big or too small, and if you have an idea rolling around in your head, now is the time to reach out and do it! Give us a call with any questions, to request a quote, or to get the ball rolling today! We’re always looking forward to the next project!

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