What is a Laser Engraved Leather Patch?

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The look and feel of these high detail patches is right on trend!

Faux leather patches are a super sharp way for your logo to be displayed on a hat or a jacket that will catch peoples eye and  draw their attention. We have many different kinds of faux leather in many different eye catching colours. Your logo is burned with a high detail laser into the leather then cut out in any shape you want. We then program stitching into our embroidery machines in the same shape as the leather patch and then we stitch the patch carefully onto the garment. The stitching frames it nicely and becomes part of the look.

Here are the colour options we have for the faux leather:

leather patch colours available


The colour of the image that is burnt into the leather is most often a very dark brown, but in some cases it can be dark  gray or black.  Take a look at some of the photos below of completed patches to get an idea of what colour the image will be on the different colours of faux leather.

This is the best option for high detail.

So we can achieve quite high detail on these small patches. We suggest using this kind of decoration if your image is very detailed or if lettering is very small and embroidery would not be able to reproduce it well.

 Custom embroidery and applique

Laser patches are used most frequently on hats. Ball caps and toques are favorites. They can also be used on sweatshirts and t-shirts or jackets. Use your  imagination and come up with new ideas for these sharp looking patches.

What Shapes Can I Make?

We suggest sticking to shapes with straight lines. Squares, rectangles, triangles or any combination of the above.  Circles are hard to stitch successfully onto a hat. Due to the curved nature of a hat, our machines have a hard time consistently creating a perfect circle. The tendency is for the stitching to come out a little bit oval in one direction of the other, and since the patch will be a perfect circle, if the stitches are even the slightest misshapen, it looks really off. If the stitching is a tiny bit askew on a shape with straight lines it hardly noticeable, but not so with circles. Small areas of curves generally are acceptable as long as the bulk of the shape is a straight line.

leather patch on hat


The patches above are done using white 76, light gray, and golden tan.

Watch the video below to see how it’s done.