What Groups of People Order Custom Shirts?

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Groups Ordering Custom T-Shirts in Bulk


T-Shirt Bulk Ordering


The GetBold system is perfect for ordering in bulk, and our team is here to assist you every step of the way. We can provide some helpful pointers to consider before you order, like different sizes, price points (a larger quantity means a lower price per unit), optimizing the number of colours, reviewing apparel samples, the advantage of sweatshirts, among others.

Our online ordering process is easy, and you’ll see how working with us makes it all error-free. Start by choosing your style and sizes, upload your artwork, see a proof in 24 hours, and approve and pay. We’ll deliver your order anywhere in Canada, free of charge.

GetBold creates custom T-Shirts in Vancouver, Canada, with an easy-to-use service coast to coast. We combine a customized shirt that is unique to you with an easy way to order in bulk quantities to ensure everyone gets one that they are proud to wear. We deliver custom embroidery, custom screen printing and can also custom design a shirt for your group.


Who Benefits from Bulk?


Here are some group types that are an easy fit for ordering in bulk.

Breweries or Wineries: It’s about more than fermentation; it’s about building a culture. You have a unique way of doing things. T-shirts for your team are an excellent way to promote your craft, and a t-shirt is a great place to show what makes your brewery or winery different and better.

Teams: Nothing says team like a matching uniform. We can help you with jerseys, shirts, or hoodies that carry your team identity. Applying your team look to the various types of team apparel requires unique experience. We have that experience, and we are fast and efficient. We know how this must play out, and timing is critical. Our team is ready to help your team.

Non-profits: An event for a non-profit is a great way to work with a community. A custom t-shirt can remind everyone why they are there and what it is all about, from fun runs to golf tournaments. On the occasion that you and your non-profit need to unify your theme, contact us. You have enough to think about to put this all together; we can handle this part.

Schools: A custom shirt can be created for colleges, fraternities, sororities, high schools, middle schools, or elementary, and even kinder garden or a camp. They can be made for school-wide identity or special school organizations, clubs, or functions. What they can all have in common is quality and a memorable look.

Businesses: A business is like a team. Everyone has to be in it to win it. We have many satisfied business customers. They know that businesses are built on maintaining a good reputation. Custom apparel that your staff can wear says unity and pride. You may need a t-shirt, polo, or jacket for daily use, or you may need something special for an event. As a business, we understand the importance of deadlines. Whether your business is located or wherever your business takes you, you can count on us. Let us help you spread your good reputation.

These are good examples of groups that can use a custom t-shirt to say it well. Perhaps you can think of yours.


GetBold is the Go-To for Groups


GetBold is well known for turning your art into custom apparel, and our process is ideal for customizing and delivering bulk orders.

Contact us, and we’ll get started working closely with you to give your group a one-of-a-kind image. We’ll show you how to make your group bold, beautiful, and unified.