What is Vintage T-shirt Printing

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Old Trends, New Ideas

Today there seems to be a lot of trends becoming popular again. From crop tops to fanny packs, it almost feels like we’ve hopped in our DeLorean and popped out somewhere in the mid 80’s. There’s something cool about looking back at old trends and revamping them into your own ideas. Here at GetBOLD we can help you do just that with a method we call Vintage printing.

What is Vintage Printing?

So what exactly is vintage printing? To create a vintage look to your design, we add a reducer to regular inks to make them thinner and appear faded. We can control how faded the print appears depending on how much reducer we use and how many times we lay down the ink. This has multiple benefits for you, including a softer print feel, better on washing, and it looks super cool. If you’re going for a washed or worn out look, want something unique and cool for your brand, or you want that smooth print feel, this is the option for you.

Distressed Effects

Want to take your print even further? Add a distressed effect to give your design that punch of grunge you’re craving. Custom embroidery and appliqueDistressed effects make the print look broken up and cracked and there are a wide variety of different versions we can apply.

Garment Choice for Vintage Prints

One of the best parts of Vintage printing is that is looks great on so many different items. It prints well on all t-shirt types including 100% cotton, Poly/Cotton Blends and Tri-blends. Custom embroidery and appliqueIf you really want to up the cool factor, we recommend this type of printing on a Heather body. Heather items have a speckle in the body that adds to the vintage experience. It gives the print a multi-tonal look that will really make your design stand out.

Getting Technical

Custom embroidery and appliqueIf this is what you’re going for but you need some guidance, look no further! At GetBOLD we work hard to help you find the best printing methods to make your design look fabulous. Want to be a bit more hands on? Check out our handy reducer chart. This chart shows the percentage of reducer we can add to get the exact effect you want. It’s quite simple, the more reducer you add, the more faded your print! Typically, most reduced prints are done at the 30% mark as it still shows the ink colour but blends well with the t-shirt body. Click the image on the left to zoom in.

At GetBOLD we’re happy to help out with any of your design or print questions. Check out our Contact Us page for all the methods that you can get a hold of us.