V-neck Etiquette

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(Guest Blog by the Boss’s Teenage Daughter )

Here at Getbold, we are big fans of the youthful and laid-back v-neck t-shirt. If you have been spending a bit of time at the gym and want to highlight it, this is the perfect way to go about it. We recommend the Bella+Canvas Unisex Triblend V-Neck. This t-shirt does an ample job of not exposing your man cleavage with an aggressively deep cut. When looking for a v-neck, you do not want one that literally shows off your sternum.

We also advise against embracing your inner Tom Selleck in this apparel. If you have more than your fair share of chest hair, perhaps a V-neck isn’t your best fashion option. It might make you look like a fuzzy troll.

A V-neck is classy because it frames your face and draws a person’s eye to the center of your body. It doesn’t need to drop to your navel to do this. And ladies, it doesn’t need to show us your entire collection.

V-Neck T-shirt for Women

If you are a woman and are struggling with what shirt to purchase for your club or group, the Bella+Canvas Unisex Triblend V-Neck is a great option for you as well. It doesn’t plunge too deep, and has a cut that is quite flattering.

On the other hand, if you would like to hide away your chest carpet or that embarrassing Nickleback chest tattoo you got in high school, we recommend one of our more conservative crew necks.

Crew necks are classic and never go out of style. Especially if you add some embroidery or a print onto them. We have a very wide selection available. Our most popular being Gildan Ultra Cotton Classic Fit Shirt #2000. This shirt has a matching youth and ladies style, the Gildan 2000L. Crew necks also look great layered under coats, sweaters or cardigans, and in Canadian winters, that can be essential. (not that anyone is going to see your crew neck because it’s so cold you will never take your sweater off.)

In conclusion, wear whatever shirt you feel comfortable in. Fashion is a personal choice, but try not to freak the rest of us out.

– Abby P., Extremely opinionated daughter of the dude who owns the company