Unlucky Pants

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(Guest Blog by the Boss’s Teenage Daughter )

When I was younger, I had a pair of unlucky jeans. Now before I start let me say that there was absolutely nothing wrong with these jeans. They fit me fine and weren’t uncomfortable. But I refused to wear them due to the evil powers
they possessed. Let me explain, the first time I wore said jeans, I wasn’t invited to a birthday party. This was a very traumatic for me. The next time I wore those jeans I forgot a school assignment at home. Obviously the only reason for both of those terrible events happening were those pants. So, logically I stopped wearing them. This however lead to many problems as I didn’t have many pairs of jeans. In fact I only had one pair of jeans. However, I did have literally 358 pairs of sweatpants. So I ended up looking like I had just shopped in a hobo’s closet. (I also had a rat tail at the time. That probably didn’t help) This didn’t do me any favours when it came to being invited to people’s birthday parties. Eventually I got over it but not until after it was too late. I already had been disowned by 90% of my friends due to the fact that I dressed like I had given up on life and the fact that I didn’t believe in showers at the time. ! !

In conclusion, people have strong connections with their clothing, whether that be a favourite shirt or a pair of unlucky pants. I’ve learned that the right shirt just might get you invited to that awesome birthday party, or catch the eye of that cute someone. And if your looking to add to your lucky wardrobe, you can pick up some great lucky shirts from Getbold. I recommend the Gildan Ultra Cotton 2000 in Irish Green for a bit of extra luck. Add that to regular showers, and I bet your days will start looking up.  They did for me.

Abby P., highly opinionated 14 year old daughter of the dude who owns this place.

Notes on the above photos: Notice that I am wearing the exact same sweatpants in both photos. Also the rat tail.–  Don’t ask about the goggles, I don’t know.