Top Reasons You Should Get Employee T-shirts

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Whether You Choose Screen Printing, Embroidery, or Applique, T-Shirts Are a Great Way to Build a Team

Clearly, the days of formal wear at the workplace are over. Employees are opting for more comfort, especially if they work long hours. Many times, the thought of having to wear clothing that is uncomfortable for long hours at the office is viewed as negative. At the same time, employees still want to be part of a team, and they want to be proud of that. 

There are many advantages to a casual atmosphere, and there are benefits to team building. Employee t-shirts are a great way to start. Building a brand requires consistency, and people understand that representing that brand is great for supporting your team. Just ask a sports fan. When everyone is wearing a common design, they feel a sense of solidarity, loyalty, and community. By wearing a company t-shirt your employees feel more identified with your team, group, or organization.

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Reasons to Get Employee T-Shirts

Morale: Your employees like feeling like they’re on a team. Everyone at your company wants to know that they are part of something great and that they are all part of that feeling.

Marketing: Your employees are a valuable way to reinforce your brand. Social networking and internet marketing are becoming increasingly expensive, and your competitors are all clamouring for attention through those channels. Think about how everyone who comes in contact with your employees during, or after work, can see your name or your message on a t-shirt.

Impact: If the t-shirt is interesting enough, it might create a conversation. Sometimes, just the right words, or an interesting image, can be compelling. 

Cost: The cost of advertising with custom printed t-shirts goes down the more impressions are made—many other forms of promotion increase in cost as the number of impressions increases.

Giveaways: Giveaways are also a great way to increase brand loyalty. Proudly wearing a company t-shirt is a great way to keep your name or message at the front of the hearts and minds of your audience. 

Recognition: People are more comfortable with that which is familiar. When services like yours are needed, they’ll think of you first. A fan base can be great evangelists for your company.

Association: Trust is built by those that are trusted. If someone trusts the person wearing your shirt, they are more likely to trust the business on their shirt.

GetBold When it Comes to Your Company and Your Employees

As a business, we know you understand how difficult it is to build and maintain a business. We know how hard you have to work for it and compete for it. This is why we think we can help. We are aware of the importance of consistent customer experience. The same is true for us. Your satisfaction is critical to repeat business and our ultimate success. If anything is other than you had expected, we want to make it right. 

Let us help you determine the right solution for you and help you through the entire process. Our team of experts is ready to help you with any part of it. As with all production services, the partnership between an idea and completion determines the level of success.

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