This Year’s Best T-Shirt Design Tips

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There are many ways to GetBold with your t-shirt ideas. We look at some of this year’s great ideas for some tips on what goes into great t-shirt concepts for the new decade. Relatability and relevance are important to make a statement that is timely and important to you and others.

Successful t-shirt designs say one thing well. All of the elements point toward pulling that off. Your choice of colour, font, shirt style, any imagery, should all point to and reinforce, the concept. There are a lot of topics out there, what’s yours? Who are you? What is important to you? What do you want to say? What do you feel strongly about?

There are so many options and a lot of opportunities. We are one t-shirt printing company that can help.

Make an Impression

Great t-shirt ideas seem to have some important things in common. They are successful because they know how to implement the most appropriate elements in order to reinforce an idea. Sometimes the concept is the image. You should say no more. Sometimes the image accentuates or reinforces the concept.

Some Big Ideas

T-shirts are a great way to make a statement and are as varied as the people wearing them. That’s part of what makes this so interesting and why t-shirts are a great way to express yourself. That’s what our custom printing company is about.

The Ideas

Subtle: Sometimes human behavior is key. The actual experience becomes part of the concept. What makes someone come closer? Smaller text, with a lot of room around it, can be impactful… depending on what the observer learns once they read it.

Hand-written: There are few things more personal than your own handwriting. Make your statement as personal as your signature.

The Pocket Design: Printing a pocket on your shirt is very popular. The entire concept might be what you indicate is in that pocket.

Rainbows: Here is an example of the idea that sometimes the image is the concept. Whatever positive message you want to add to a rainbow, is enhanced.

Pets: There are human lovers of many kinds of pets, dogs especially. What sort of animal are you into and why? Wear them. Maybe you have a favourite famous animal, or maybe you’re promoting a worthy or charitable cause.

Artwork: Are you an artist? Many are choosing to place their artwork on t-shirts. It is a great way to expose others to art… especially yours.

Nature: Share your values. Your love of nature doesn’t stop simply because you’re not currently in it. Remind others of the importance of our natural world. This might be another example of the image itself being the message.

Places: “Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.” Probably one of the most common reasons for buying a t-shirt is to remember and let others know, that you were there. Still, many times the more unique the message, the more memorable the shirt.

Repeated Words: Sometimes the importance of the message is so great, it needs to be repeated, like location, location, location.

Time Periods /Styles and Fads: Certain colours, fonts, or types of images give us an association with periods of time. This can also be referred to as retro. These become significant symbols for a time period. What constitutes a classic? Sometimes fads become classic over time.

Outside the Lines: Did you ever colour outside the lines? That’s a look! Silk screening registration errors have given us an idea, and that idea is fun!

Inspirational Quotes: Although the best ideas are a bit less… well, preachy… sometimes we all need to be reminded of important meaningful words. These designs should probably focus on the words themselves… and present a darn good quote.

GetBold with your t-shirt design Ideas

We have more ideas to offer, we may have one for you. When you need a t-shirt printing company in Canada, with custom screen printing services, Call us or bring us your vision and let us help you realize it.