The Advantages of Ordering in Bulk

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The Advantage of Ordering T-Shirts

in Bulk


Like buying most things in bulk, the more you buy, the lower the price per unit, so essentially, in this case, each t-shirt costs less, allowing you to make more money per t-shirt. Most t-shirt printers will give you a better deal on large quantity orders. Their clients also have a better chance of negotiating a more profitable deal when buying the shirts at a lower cost.

The buyer also saves in shipping costs. If you buy more at a time you’ve just reduced the number of times you’re charged for shipping.


Bulk Buying Explained


Buying in bulk is basically the purchase of a larger amount of a particular product. Frequently this means that you can purchase at a cheaper price per unit, as the supplier is buying large quantities at a cheaper price as well. That way, you can increase your margin for each piece purchased.

But the real reason why large quantities are cheaper when dealing with printed shirts, is the prep time. It takes just as long to create proofs, order in the blank goods, colour separate the art, make screens and set up the press for 12 shirts as it does for 1000.  So imagine that the expense of all that pre-press time was $100.  If you divide that $100 into 12 shirts, it will cost $8.33 per shirt just in pre-press time. But divide that same $100 over 1000 shirts and the pre-press time only costs 10 cents per shirt. So you can see how bulk purchasing can drastically reduce the cost of production thus saving you money.


Buying in Bulk is Profitable


This is particularly critical for a small business. Buying in bulk simply allows you to make a larger profit margin on each shirt.  Typically, the more you buy, to a point, the lower the cost per t-shirt. And business owners are also able to pass savings on to their customers. They can offer their customers a special sale. Since customers like a deal, a sale stimulates customers to purchase more from the business owner. So, for any business owner, buying in bulk boosts sales.

You can view on our FAQ page what is the minimum quantity required at GetBold?   

The bottom line is–to make a profit, you have to manage it. Expenses are a critical factor and directly affect your bottom line. A major way to reduce expenses is to buy in bulk.


Time is Money. Buying in Bulk is

More Efficient


Spending your time repeating the arduous process of supplying the details of each shirt, which is what the on-demand process requires, is inefficient and negatively effects your bottom line. Ordering and buying in bulk save you the time of providing the details of each shirt, each time. Ordering shirts in bulk is faster and easier.


The Key to Building a Great

Reputation is Consistency


Bulk buying increases your ability to keep a consistent level of quality. Your bulk order is produced and delivered at one time. Having been all produced from the same batch, they all have the same quality. With print on demand orders, the quality has a greater chance of varying. Plus, if you buy in bulk, you stock up and reduce the number of times you sell out of merchandise.


GetBold and Get Started


Save upfront costs, increase your margins, save on shipping costs, and spend less time fulfilling orders. Whether you are interested in Custom t-shirt printing, embroidery, applique, or screen printing, GetBold has the experienced experts ready to help you make it a success, every step of the way