Sustainable Ways to Refresh Your Custom Branded Apparel

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At GetBold, we know the real cost of fast fashion. This entails a cycle of trend-based releases that are meant to compel timely buying opportunities, an occasion of limited use, and then moving to the next event, message, or opportunity. We appreciate the long-term value of classics. We also know of some ways to refresh your company’s apparel, while keeping your team looking current and consistent. We make it easy to achieve this and still be sustainable.

There is an increasing need to re-examine the apparel industry. Its supply chain process is environmentally polluting. This supply chain is extensive and complicated, involving agriculture, petrochemicals, manufacturing, logistics, and retail.

There are several easy ways to stay current and relevant while maintaining sustainability. More responsible eco-friendly practices are taking hold and becoming the most popular way to produce apparel.


Sustainable Ways to do Custom Apparel Right


Here are several ways to refresh your company swag, and not be part of the fast-fashion footprint. For T-Shirt Printing in Vancouver, choose sustainable solutions from GetBold, including custom embroidery, screen printing, or custom design.

Eco-friendly Garments: Several eco-friendly garment brands are choosing to reduce waste by recycling, reusing raw materials, or using non-traditional materials (like recycled plastic) to make fibres. These garments aren’t always the cheapest choice initially, but they are high quality and last longer. They have a higher value.

Design a Classic: What constitutes a classic? Be it message or design, consistency is always king and using images and messages that stand the test of time means you don’t have to constantly change your message. There are many ways of living up to and reinforcing your brand, without continually revising it. An evergreen solution sends a great message of stability and consistency. The run itself can offer a selection of messages, giving your team some options.

Colour Fads that Fade: Trying to be trendy with your colour choice is another way of creating short-lived apparel. Part of creating a classic that stands the test of time is your choice of colour. Keep your brand standards in mind. Your corporate specifications are a good place to start, but like advertising, there is always an opportunity for a time-sensitive impact. Colour should also be a part of a consistent identity and culture.

Water-Based Inks: Plastisol inks are made from PVC and are considered to have a very negative effect on the planet. It isn’t just toxic; it doesn’t last as long.

Work with GetBold: A company like GetBold can help guide you to effective sustainable solutions.


GetBold is Online, Easy, and Sustainable


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