Screen Printing Effects: Endless possibilities

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Explore the Possibilities of Screen-Printing Effects


The possibilities are only as limited as your ability to utilize all the different techniques available to create interesting printing effects. Once you understand the fundamentals of screen printing, this extends your boundaries.

Once you’ve created a design or illustration, you may dial it up a few notches with screen printing. With the right inks or a combination of inks, you can add texture, shine, metallics, glow, or dimension.

Special Techniques You Can Use to GetBold With Your Screen Printing


The Super Gel: The Super Gel effect is raised off the material with rounded edges. It provides a liquid-like effect because of its wet-looking finish.

The Layered Effect: This is a trick that is achieved in the file set-up rather than the printing process. It is achieved in 3 colours. As one colour crosses another colour you can change to a third, typically darker colour at the border of the two colours giving the effect of layering.

Puff Additive: This is a raised effect created by mixing water-based inks with a puff additive. This effect is created when heat is applied. The effect provides an extra dimension and impact.

Gradients: You set up a file using a gradient, like a sky, or letter form. With the right two colours or three for garments with colour or dark garments, the result can be elegant and beautiful.

Natural Discharge: If your garments are either black or a dark colour and 100% cotton, this effect creates a softer off-white or bleached out effect. It’s a print that leaves the garment soft to the touch. But be somewhat flexible when it comes to the final colour, it does vary.

Special Inks You Can Use to GetBold With Your Screen Printing


Metallic Ink: A metal finish adds something extra, without being garish. It’s a more subtle shine without high reflectivity. You can choose from as many as 14 different colours, which allows for a wider range of design applications.

Reflective Ink: Some inks have reflective particles mixed in. When screen printed, they can give off a mirror-like shine.

Glitter: A sparkling effect can be created when metallic flakes, suspended in clear plastisol provide a little shine to the design.

High-Density Ink: These inks can be used to create solid areas or letter forms that can raise up off the garment as much as 1/8 inch. It is a durable 3-D effect that adds impact.

Glow-In-the-Dark: There are most definitely certain designs or illustrations that become topics of conversation when the lights go down and they begin to glow. Depending on how much light the ink is exposed to, they can glow for up to 5 hours.

Foil: There is always an occasion for super shiny. Coloured foil transfers can make a design polished. A printed adhesive is combined with a heated transfer foil leaf.


Special Considerations


Consider going in that there are things to be aware of. When selecting an effect ink, be aware that certain fabrics work much better than others. You should also consider that glitter, for glitter’s sake isn’t necessarily the right choice. Think about what might be appropriate for the look or style you’re after.