Remember Printed Concert T-shirts?

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It’s been a year of closed concert venues and we here at GetBold are looking back to those happy days of printing concert t-shirts. Remember those? They have the artist’s name and some cool design on the front and a list of all the cities on the back.  Shirts like this used to be a staple of our business. Shirts like that used to come off of our presses weekly and we loved the added bonus of seeing them around town in the weeks that followed that event.

I know that someday soon we will return to concert tours and concert t-shirts. In fact, I think that at the first concert that any of us go to we are all going to buy a shirt. Then we are going to wear it every day for a month as a bragging tool. “See this t-shirt, of this cool band?  I saw them live. Last week! Actually, live! I left my house and saw a band!  I bought the t-shirt.”

As we head into the summer we normally would be prepping the art for festival t-shirts too. Lists of bands, instead of cities running down the back of the shirt. From most famous to most obscure. We used to joke as we printed these shirts that all of them would have mustard and beer stains on them by the end of the weekend.

This was our contribution to the art world. We made the memory holders and the bragging tools. We made that piece of clothing that you associated your coolness with. And we miss it. Perhaps because we associated our coolness with them as well. Sigh.

Hang in there everyone. Concerts will return. And when they do, please buy a t-shirt. Not only to support the artist but to support us lowly t-shirt printers too. We miss making them!