Nothing Says Team Like Custom Shirts and Caps

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You can bring your team together with a custom t-shirt from GetBold. There’s nothing like a uniform to identify a team. A team logo, a colour and matching shirts or jerseys are important ways to bring people together for a well-orchestrated and united effort.

A group gains an edge when they work as a team. A big part of creating that mindset is actually to look like a team. Uniforms unify people to perform together for a common goal.

How Colour Affects Performance

Colour affects us. Studies show that teams wearing black play with more aggression and tend to get penalized more. Black is one of those colours that produces more of an aggressive reaction in people. Not only do the players respond to it, but officials do as well. They’ll be predisposed to look for more aggressive behaviour from a team wearing black. This is not unlike the police noticing red cars in traffic more than other colours.

That said, there are studies showing that the colour red causes teams actually to play better. Then there are the March Madness studies that have found that teams wearing white or blue collect more trophies. The psychology of colour is powerful, albeit subjective. There’s no doubt, though, that being part of a team is highly motivating to people and performing as a team has the most effect on their success.

What Makes a Team Uniform?

You’ve all heard the phrase “there’s no ‘I’ in team.” Uniforms go a long way toward creating a team mentality. The team concept equalizes its members toward the higher good of a victory. When everyone is wearing the same thing, the idea of individualism is set aside, creating an “us vs them,” or “pack mentality.”

There are other kinds of teams that are unified by custom apparel, not just in the area of sports. The team approach works well in other areas, for corporations, student clubs, reading clubs, or even church groups. They all benefit from the unifying qualities that come from wearing the same apparel. Wearing the same custom shirt motivates all individual members to contribute and do their part with pride.

Custom Apparel Makes the Team

The primary reason for a distinctive uniform began with the need to identify the two competing teams easily. In most team sports, things are moving pretty quickly, whether you’re passing the ball or looking for someone to block, so an immediate way to identify the other team is an urgent matter. That is why most teams have “away” uniforms and “home” uniforms. Coaches apparel and fan merchandise became a big part of building the base as well.

Team members may take their uniforms for granted or feel proud to be part of the team and develop loyalty. Either way, the power that it has over them to contribute and do their assignment is clear.

Everybody Wins at GetBold

The people at GetBold make a good team. They all have a sense of pride in their work and appreciate the importance of working to make everyone successful. The result is a well-run workplace and great performance for our customers. Working well as a team allows us to focus on caring about how we can help each other do our best for the customer.

Team awareness is a big part of what drives us. It makes us proud of the part we each play. When it comes to t-shirt printing in Canada, we stand out. All of our players are superstars, whether you need embroidery services, applique services, or screen printing services.

GetBold Wants to Join Your Team

Put us in coach! We are proud to be able to contribute to your win, wherever we fit in.

If you need some development, concept, or design help, we have experienced team members for that. We can work closely with you. Or, if you need a printer that produces what you need affordably and efficiently, we never drop the ball.

Feel free to call anytime or drop by. Meantime check out our site; that will give you a look at our game plan.