Making Your Statement on a T-shirt

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Now More Than Ever, a T-Shirt is a

Great Way to Make a Statement

Make a statement and look good doing it. If your message is important enough, you might even have to print more. When you carry your important statement on your shirt, you don’t have to say a word. The shirt speaks for you. No sign-carrying, blow horns, or megaphones required.

There have been many memorable and high-impact messages throughout the years. Some even started a movement. From a favourite band, or a political candidate, to a favourite sports team, a t-shirt shows your commitment.

GetBold in Vancouver Can Help You

Every Step of the Way To Make Your


It is easier than it has ever been to personalize and create a unique message on your clothing. And our extensive selection of styles and sizes can be part of that message. An important thing we’ve learned over the years is that sometimes, who you are, how old you are, and the shirt itself, can be as important as the message or make it even more meaningful.

Choose from screen printing, embroidery, or applique. Techniques and materials can also be a way to add emphasis to the message. You could add your own artwork, write and use your own words, or place a photo that says it all. At GetBold we have experts ready to help with that part too. Whether you want a one-of-a-kind, or for unifying a large group, we’ll get it done.

What’s the Occasion?

Is there a company event in your future? Have you been given the task of supplying a sports team? Do you need a give-away for a tradeshow? Maybe you just need some shirts for your staff or department. We have an extensive library of graphics and fonts to choose from, and staff with extensive experience in helping to create great design and great messaging.

When it comes right down to the t-shirt, it’s about comfort and how well they wear. We have the highest quality apparel anywhere.

GetBold is the Only Place You Need

to Go for Your Custom T-shirt


It’s a lot easier to create your own t-shirt than you might think. If you have a statement you want to make a t-shirt is a great way to do it. A t-shirt is like a walking billboard. Make a bunch and get them out there. You would be surprised how many people are using t-shirts to support a movement or to even change the world.

You can access our design templates, and our creative staff, to give you everything you need to create your statement.

We Want You to GetBold

Our location is in Vancouver BC, but we have nationwide free delivery. We would love to work with you to develop your idea. We love the creative process and helping you to realize your vision. Once your message is written and designed, there are basically 4 steps to producing your custom clothing. First, choose your garment and add it to the cart. Second, submit your order on our website and upload your artwork. Third, check out the proofs that we’ll send you in 24 hours. As you might imagine, step three is pretty critical. Proofing can be tricky if you don’t pay close attention. Step four is to simply approve and pay.

Make a statement with GetBold. Whether you choose to embroider, screenprint, or an applique process, a successful outcome results from careful attention to each step. Let GetBold assist you through your project. GetBold is always here to help you every step of the way.