How to Build a T-shirt Brand

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T-shirts are a Great Way to Build Your Brand

Building a t-shirt brand is a desirable and effective way to extend awareness of your company. To make sure this is accomplished, you need experienced professionals. There are some hurdles along the way regarding production that can arise anytime during the process, from design to printing. GetBOLD can help you with all of that. Every printing business has its own set of experiences and resulting processes and protocols. We have found that having some brand experience helps us to better understand the role t-shirts can play in the strategy and culture-building process.

We can take you step-by-step through the process. As an online service, we can help you from anywhere, or for an in-person meeting, you are always welcome at our sales office, showroom, and production floor in Vancouver, BC.

Your Brand is Your Business

A t-shirt is a very cost-effective way to build brand awareness of your business, it is also one of the most effective. And we can help point you in the direction you wish to go. We have found that creating a unique message requires that you know what you are before you can announce it to anyone else. Your brand is your reputation, so what reputation do you want to build? Who will your audience be and why will they care about your offering and be motivated to buy it, or buy into it? If your brand-building efforts are identified, that should clear the way forward and make each step easily identifiable.

Our Stores Solution: Once you have established what you offer and to whom, we can start setting up the store and our online process is easy to follow, and we can help you every step of the way.

  1. You can start by selecting your garments
  2. Create a good-looking store for your garments on our proprietary system
  3. Simply submit your order and upload your artwork
  4. We’ll send you a proof
  5. You pay
  6. We make them and ship for free, or you can pick them up

Submitting your artwork: You could start with an online t-shirt design software or any way to provide vector-based artwork. Optimally submitting an Adobe Illustrator file or an EPS file is a good way to go. If you can only provide a non-vector file, we recommend that any non-vector file be created at 300dpi at the desired print size. Our design tool is sophisticated and easy to use.

Printing Processes:

  • Screen Printing: For consistent and long-lasting imprints. 
  • Heat Transfer: We cut t-shirt vinyl and heat transfer it onto t-shirts. This is great for low runs, or for individual names and numbers on sports jerseys.
  • Direct to Garment: This process is very much like an inkjet printer, printing directly onto the t-shirt. The quality and capability match traditional screen printing. The ink is expensive though, and so for large runs, screen printing is usually the better option.

The Embroidery Process: This is a decorative sewing method using either thread or yarn. You provide the artwork, keeping in mind that your artwork should consist of somewhat simpler, solid areas of colour. It’s a great idea to bring us in to the design process early. The closer we communicate the more successful we will be. Your image is then digitized before it is applied to the garment using an automated embroidery machine, by a skilled machinist. The result is rich and vibrant.

The Applique Process: This is sometimes called to as tackle twill. This is a form of embroidery that involves a pre-cut fabric that is applied to the garment. The embroidery machine can stitch thread into the fabric. Great for adding letterforms into garments.

At GetBOLD you don’t have to do it all. We can help.