How Printed T-Shirts Can Promote Your Business

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Promote Your Business with Printed T-Shirts

Promotional T-Shirts, jackets, and caps are an excellent marketing tool for businesses, schools, and organizations. In today’s competitive markets there are a lot of companies, products, and services competing for attention. Everyone wearing your printed apparel has an opportunity to make a bold statement about you in your marketplace. What better way to increase awareness than to wear it?

Cost-Effective Promotion

By placing your logo or message on apparel, you are utilizing a cost-effective way to promote your business. And by limiting the number of colours, you can bring down the printing cost. Garments will last longer than other advertising channels, your marketing dollars wear longer. Your employees and associates come in constant contact with your target market. Also, customers will hold onto their garments for a long time, keeping you in front of everyone’s mind.

GetBold Can Be a Great Fit for your Promotional Effort

Your clients are less likely to shove a garment in a drawer like they do most tradeshow promotional giveaways. Garments are more useful to your audience. Most people say yes to a new shirt or cap and if you provide high-quality garments, your clients and employees will wear them for a long time.

GetBold makes sure that the quality of the garment will reflect the high standards you maintain for your business. Our reputation has been built on it. Make sure that you stake your reputation on it.

Get Bold with a GetBold Store

We can build a store for you to feature your custom clothing. All you do is set the price and collect the money. Ordering and organizing school orders or group orders are all taken care of by us. GetBold will collect your orders, organize them, and box them by the classroom.

As the top T-shirt printer in Vancouver and the surrounding areas, we are known for being the “go-to garment printer, helping sports teams, schools, and businesses. We provide T-shirt printing, screen printing, embroidery, and tackle twill in the greater Vancouver area.

GetBold has developed a pricing structure. Each design has a $50 set up fee. If you sell 24 units or more of a design, the fee goes away. The price of the item is based on a 24-unit item price, plus a $2.50 per item processing and handling fee. We structure it this way to reward you if your store does well. And we know you don’t want any surprise expenses.

Custom Promotional Apparel Builds a Culture

Branding is all about building a reputation. Consistency has a lot to do with it. The person wearing the garment needs to feel pretty good about what they display on their shirt or cap. People feel pretty strongly about what they stand for, and those statements are closely associated with their experience.

Whenever your client or employee wears a shirt promoting your company, they will be reinforcing and endorsing your brand. This may very well increase your customer base and your bottom line. The same is true of the apparel printing company you choose. Make sure that their reputation is as solid as yours. This takes years to develop. The GetBold expert staff has years of experience.

Why GetBold?

We try to do everything we can to make your experience as easy and convenient as possible, and we deliver quality every time. We are Canada’s highest-rated custom clothing source. Our staff is comprised of experts who deliver consistent quality. Find out about us. We have a video, or you can chat with us, email us, or simply give us a call.