Embroidery vs Screen Printing

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Custom T-Shirt Printing: Embroidery vs. Screen Printing

Whether you are a business, school group, organization, or just a group of friends having fun there is nothing quite like personalized clothing or accessories to set you apart from the rest. At GetBold, we have built our reputation on providing the highest quality and most affordable custom t-shirt printing services in the Vancouver area. Whether you searching for jacket embroidery, t-shirt screen printing, or have ideas of your own, our expert staff is here to help you through the process from start to finish. If you have an idea in mind but aren’t quite sure whether embroidery or screen printing is the right choice for your project, continue reading to learn a little bit more about the benefits of each.

Custom embroidery and applique

The Advantages of Shirt, Jacket, or Hat Embroidery

Generally speaking, embroidery can be defined as a pattern stitched onto an article of clothing or fabric using needle and thread. Embroidery is often reserved for classier or more professional projects – think of the logo on the left breast of the most popular brands. Many companies and organizations choose to use shirt embroidery because of the elegance that the raised weight and dimension of thread have on a fabric. In short, embroidered logos will be three dimensional.

At GetBold, the thread that we use for our embroidery projects has a special sheen that allows for the colours to be that much more vivid and draw a little more attention to the logo itself. Embroidery is a great option for business shirts, dress shirts, uniforms, jackets, hats or any fabric that you want to come off as a little more prestigious.

Custom embroidery and applique

The Advantages of T-Shirt, Hat or Sweatshirt Screen Printing

Screen printing is a specialized way of printmaking where your chosen design is put on a screen and ink is allowed to bleed through the mesh onto the desired fabric thereby transferring your logo or image onto the final product. You’ve certainly seen screen printed shirts before. They look as though designs were painted or printed on them. These two dimensional designs are great for lighter fabrics like t-shirts and sweatshirts, and with the push to use more reusable materials tote bag screen printing has also grown in popularity. Hat printing is difficult due to the curved nature of the cap. In most instances of printed hats, the panels of the cap are printed before they are assembled. Since we don’t assemble caps at GetBold, we generally stick to embroidery when it comes to caps.

Screen printing shirt allows for larger designs, vibrant colours, and logos and patterns that could not be done with embroidery. Further, screen printing is the more affordable option if you are hoping to put your logo or design on many articles of clothing.

GetBold is known for our affordability, quality craftsmanship, professionalism, and customer service. We are the local leader in the custom t-shirt printing industry and always look forward to the next big project. From embroidery to screen printing and all points in between, our expert staff has you covered. Give us a call today with any questions or to get a quote on your desired project – we’re always eager to help!