Custom Printed Safety Vests

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You Need Get Bold for Custom Printed Safety Vests


If you have a business or work for an organization that requires that people work in hazardous environments, you know the importance of high visibility and safety apparel. In many cases, safety vests are required by law.

Since you may very well be required to provide safety apparel, you may as well customize it a little to add a personal quality to it, or even take the opportunity to add some company or organization identity and branding. That way you are protecting your people, instilling a sense of pride and promoting your company or organization at the same time. Your operation is only as good as the people who show up and get the work done. That can lead to increased community confidence or gaining more business.

Between the increasing requirements due to heavy transportation, event management, and construction, the call for safety apparel is also increasing for all businesses. Not every job requires a safety vest, but they very well may require that your employees wear safety colours. We carry garments that are made specifically for this work.

Many jobs require that workers are easily identifiable at a distance, across rough terrain, or through forested areas. High visibility is another good reason for wearing safety apparel. The high visibility reduces job site accidents.


Safety is Paramount; Identification is a Plus

A safety vest can fit over an employee’s street clothes or regular uniform. It can also be worn over top of other safety apparel like safety-coloured shirts.

In addition to the most important benefit of keeping everyone on the job safe, there is an opportunity to give your team an organized and structured look. Easily identifying one another on the job is helpful to everyone on-site and a source of pride. Identity on a safety vest creates unity and cohesion—it is a great opportunity to show the world who to contact for future jobs.


GetBold Knows All the Safety Vest Requirements

We know safety vest requirements front to back. Many times, crews make the mistake of printing over the reflective tape areas. Our experience tells us that it is simply safer to avoid that altogether. We pay close attention and fully understand the compliance issues outlined by governing bodies like the CSA. Our safety apparel is colour compliant. We start with safety requirements in mind. We know what areas on the garment can accommodate adding your identification.

Our online process is simple. First, select your garment. This is the time you add your quantities and sizes. Second, click checkout and upload your artwork. We’ll make sure you comply. Third, we’ll send you an email containing your mock-up proof in 24 hours. This is the time to make any changes before you approve it. Fourth, approve and pay. At that point, it goes into production, and you can either pick it up, or you can have us ship your order for free.


GetBold is Your Safe Choice for Safety Vests


If you’re looking for high quality, conscientious company for your job, and an affordable solution, and a complete selection, GetBold has everything you need.  Feel free to call anytime or drop by. Meantime check out our site. That will give you a look at our process.

We can help you every step of the way. Don’t miss an opportunity to turn this into a win/win. We have the experience to know what the codes and compliance rules are. We can work closely with you, or if you need a printer that produces what you need affordably and efficiently, we can help you get it done.