Custom Embroidery: Is it the Right Choice for Your Promotions?

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Should You Promote with Embroidery?


With embroidery, you can turn your logo or image into durable sewn-on representations, on anything from golf shirts and t-shirts to caps, hats, and coats. Embroidery is a craft that involves using a needle to apply thread or yarn of various colours onto fabrics or other materials. Sometimes, it incorporates various types of bobbles like sequins, quills, beads, or pearls.

Computerized embroidery machines today use digitized embroidery software, most often adding logos and monograms to business wear. But embroidery can also be used to decorate and personalize household linens, draperies, or to add old-world images to crafted pillows and other fabrics for a look of personalized permanence.


Why Custom Embroidery May Be the Right Choice


Embroidery is a great option for marketing your brand because it provides that extra special way to stand out and get noticed. You’ve spent a lot of time and money making your brand look unique and eye-catching. One of the best ways to promote and help your brand stand out is to have it custom embroidered onto apparel that will get noticed in your marketplace.

Most promotional products use screen printing for their custom t-shirts and other apparel, and although the design and message can help you stand out from your competitors, embroidery adds an extra professional look to your garment, not only a three-dimensional look but also the appearance that the entire garment was made with your custom image in mind. It says “commitment.”

As an integral part of the garment, your custom embroidery will last longer and not fade away when repeatedly worn and washed. Although the embroidery process costs more than screen printing, the investment you make will be able to stay in the customer’s awareness longer, and with all the colourful threads to choose from, you’ll be able to make a memorable impact, look more sophisticated, permanent, and established. Your customers need to make the right decisions about which company they choose to work with, and all the signs add up when making that decision. Embroidery can make the best impression on them.

There are many industries and different jobs in those industries that make custom embroidery the perfect decision. Although your employees have different roles to perform, they are all part of the same team, and many of them interact with your customers. Embroidery allows you to embellish a wide variety of garments with your identity. Some garments are more suited for fieldwork, and some are more suited for office or executive work. Whether someone wears a cap or a blazer, they are all part of the same team.


GetBold is the Right Team


When it comes to embroidery, we know that you are making an investment in your company. That’s why it is important that you benefit from our experience. We can help you decide what garments to choose and for whom. There are many factors to consider, and we have the experience to help you have a successful result. We are proud of our team, and we think we can help you instill pride in yours.

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