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GetBold knows, There’s More to T-Shirt Graphics Than Front and Back

The placement of your graphics on a t-shirt is not only increasingly important, it is now easier to do. The importance of graphic placement is right up there with shirt colour, shirt style, ink colour, and type of fabrication. Placement on a shirt may even be an integral part of your brand. Consistency might require printing on the side of your t-shirt, over the zipper, or in relation to your pocket.

Considerations like printing off of the hem of a garment, printing overexposed zippers, or contrasting over pocket prints, can give your garment a retail feel.

It’s a fairly intricate job. At GetBold, we’re set up to handle it. We recommend laser precision placement. This ensures consistency between garments and consistency with each pass.

Creative Placement of Graphics Is a Commitment

Before you create another t-shirt design with the graphic centred front and back, or on the left breast, consider something different. Unique placement makes your graphics stand out from other shirt designs, but it does come at a cost. Typically, you should expect, and budget for, a much longer production time. The run rates will slow down dramatically, possibly even take twice as long. This is mostly due to the use of laser precision placement. These placements simply require more time and care to make sure it is done properly.

What’s the Idea?

These capabilities open up all sorts of creative ideas. From printing on the edge of a garment, printing over a zipper, or designing for a pocket, these are great design ideas. But unless they are properly executed, they simply look like a mistake. Breaking out of the usual or conventional placement of front and back or left side chest certainly adds to the level of sophistication and uniqueness. We at GetBold know how to pull that off. Success is always achieved during execution. Let us help you through these processes, we know the ropes.

GetBold in Vancouver Can Help You Through These Precise Processes

Laser precision and accuracy are the key to a successful custom t-shirt. As you may know, off-set printing presses operate with absolute accuracy. These processes actually reproduce 4 colour images, reproducing photos with crisp, high definition. What we’re dealing with here are garments. Three-dimensional clothing. Still, precision is essential for a successful result.

GetBold has the experience and the proper tools to pull it off, do it right, and help you create success.

GetBold is the Only Place You Need to Get That Unique Look

The sky is the limit. We can tackle any number of curves you throw at us. We love the creative process. That’s what we’re here for.

We Want You to GetBold

We’re in Vancouver BC, but we deliver nation-wide for free. We would love to work with you to develop your idea. We enjoy the creative process. We want to help you realize your vision. Give us a challenge! We can help you write your message, and we can help you with your design. There are 4 steps to producing your custom clothing on our website. First, choose your garment and add it to the cart. Second, submit your order on our website and upload your artwork. Third, check out the proofs that we’ll send you in 24 hours. As you might imagine, step three is pretty critical. Proofing can be tricky if you don’t pay close attention. Step four is simply to approve and pay.

GetBold wants to help you with a creative solution. Whether you choose to embroider, screenprint, or an applique process, a successful outcome results from having experience and knowledge about each step. Call GetBold at the start of your project. GetBold is always here to help you every step of the way.