Choosing the Right Font for Your T-Shirt Design

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Fonts are many times a major part of your over-all design and so have a major impact on it. Not all fonts are appropriate, and many are simply not good choices for anything. It is important to know which fonts work well and give us a favorable impression and which fonts should never be used.

There are certain basic characteristics that the best fonts have in common. Even kerning (or letter spacing) is an important attribute, as well as legibility (many times effected by the x-height or the height of the lower-case letter). Also, consistency greatly influences the success of a font. This is often revealed by how well variations of the font are treated. Do the numbers, capitals, and various weights retain a family feel? The balance of a font is largely determined by the strokes and how well they work to form the letter.

Some Fonts are Classic

What constitutes a classic? Elegance, usability, clarity, accentuates but doesn’t distract from the over-all design, are all things to look for when choosing a classic font. Classic fonts many times have pleasing spatial relationships. The shapes of the letterforms look pleasing and make visual sense when lined up together. They many times have a certain personality, that makes it clearer as to when it is most appropriate to use them.

Why You Should Avoid Certain Fonts

There are several reasons for avoiding certain fonts. Some fonts have been simply overused. We also have a universal understanding of what good balance looks like. If a font is not balanced, it appears as ugly. Legibility is also a factor. If a font is too difficult to read and the design of the font is getting in the way of clarity and readability, this becomes too frustrating. The intention is not to make it an eye exam, you are trying to create a design that delivers a clear and impactful message. Neither should you choose a font that is so ordinary as to have nothing unique about it, nothing that reinforces the intended style.

The Choice of Font is Only as Good as the Ability to Reproduce it

At GetBold, we know that both design and production determine the right choice for your t-shirt. You should know, when choosing a font, how it will be reproduced. Will your design be reproduced using screen printing? If so, you may be able to use a font that allows for more detail or a finer process. Embroidery and Applique may not allow for certain fonts as they need bolder and simpler shapes to be successful.

GetBold Thought you Ought to Know

Not everyone has given much thought to how important choosing the right font is to apparel design. We, at GetBold, are always eager to help. We’ve been in the t-shirt and logo business for years. We have seen how we can make an impact. Our experienced staff knows what to look for and what to look out for.

We are available for any questions you may have or to help to get you what you need.