Best Products for Embroidery

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Embroidery is the craft of representing an image on fabric using a wide variety of colourful threads or yarn and is composed of different kinds of stitches. Special materials can also be used. Embroidery adds a dimensional and textural quality to the image as well as vivid colour.

Embroidery can either be done by hand, by sewing machine, or computerized sewing machines that output the design that can transform even complex designs into sewn images in a matter of minutes. Computer-aided embroidery software is the least labour intensive.

Embroidery done right can be quite detailed, and there is no denying that it is and an effective way to customize and individualize any garment. It can also be used to customize home décor, linens, pillows, or any fabric-covered items in your home, like furniture.

Embroidery has a rich history in artistic expression. Over the centuries, it has served as a method for everything from recording history, to a medium for activism and protest.


Why Embroidery?


The look of an embroidered logo is always impressive. In addition to vivid colour and added dimension, it is durable. Once your design has been converted into an image that can be embroidered, it will be consistent from unit to unit. It is always considered special and of high quality. It is an attention-getting technique and a great way to advertise. When everyone in your company is wearing the same embroidered shirt or cap, it says you are well established and committed to quality. A well-executed embroidery design also says that your identity has been carefully and professionally designed.

It is classy, sophisticated, and has a quality all its own. When your logo is represented with embroidery on a garment, it presents a next-level look and says that you have established quality.


The Best Products for Embroidery


If you are looking for striking, eye-popping customization of your garments, try embroidery. Here are some options.

Hoodies & Pullovers: Considered more for comfort than corporate, these garments are transformed to a higher level when embroidered. Depending upon the type of company or the occasion, there is no reason you can’t be both comfy and company-minded.

Jackets: When it comes to fan apparel, jackets rule. Jackets can be a light fleece zip-up, a heavy coat, or a raincoat. When you add your embroidered identity, it becomes not just impressive, but also all you.

Caps and Hats: Probably the best way to show off your business identity. Hats and caps are a versatile way to display your logo, whether you dawn a cap for an event, or just wear one to have fun on a Friday.

Polos: Today, every day seems to be casual Friday. That doesn’t mean you can’t represent the company with pride. Polos with an embroidered logo is still a high-level way to go. Especially when the quality of the polo is premium.


GetBold With Your Embroidery


We can give your logo a major impact. When it comes to turning art into custom apparel, GetBold has the expertise. Find your high-quality blank garment, upload your artwork, see a proof, and go from there. Whether you are a company, a church, a school, or a team, you can present yourself at the highest level. Contact us. We’ll show you how embroidery can up your game and make you bold and beautiful.