Best Custom Running Shirt for Your Company Marathon

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Get the Best Possible Running Shirt for Your Company Marathon

There should be little wonder why so many company brands are participating in marathons as part of their marketing efforts. It promotes teamwork, good health, and showcases your company. Think of the type of person you want to wear your shirt. The people who attend these events are fit themselves, are fans of fitness, and have an achievement-based attitude.

Events come in all sizes and have many reasons, or causes, for their existence. You don’t have to sponsor the Boston Marathon in order for your company to sponsor or participate in a running event.

The Increasing Popularity of Corporate Marathons

It is estimated that charity walks, races, and marathons raise over a billion in one year alone, and they’re only gaining momentum. Since the rise of social media, there have been more causes promoted than ever before. Social media has also allowed organizers to gain more sponsors to support events and more ways to promote them.

Picking a Running T-Shirt

Keep in mind that you aren’t just picking a t-shirt, you’re picking your image. It must look it’s very best. The fabric itself determines how it will look and function. One consideration may be the time of year or the weather conditions. Although most events are held during warmer months here in Canada, the weather is still a factor in some cases and locations.

Typically racing bibs are supplied by the organizers with their name, race number, location, and a sponsor if any. So, consider this when designing your t-shirt. Simple and bold has typically been a classic choice, mostly because it is more readable and more memorable. Clean design and contrast are a good rule to follow, for an easy read from a distance.

Why Getbold is a Great Pick for Running Shirts

As with all t-shirt production, your printer is your partner. Choose a printer that is reliable and can commit to your job fully. A great printer can bring your design to life. At Getbold, we take pride in our history of helping teams look great, and in printing shirts that are comfortable and function well. Here are a few things we provide:

1.     Competitive prices on quality screen printing

2.     Our No Surprises Policy. We never surprise you with hidden charges or add essential processes as extra charges.

3.     Our expertise and knowledge. We know that different techniques require different weights and types of material.

4.     Our accolade winning track record. Our many satisfied customers say a lot about our track-record of excellence.

5.     Our collaborative attitude. Count on us for great ideas about the artwork, garment choice, production techniques, and pricing.

We Can Help You with Your Event

Sponsoring or participating in a company marathon builds a team and grows a reputation. Like Getbold, you too can build a reputation for good performance and a strong finish. There is nothing like a good cause to bring people and companies together.

We want to be on your team and help you make your next event victorious.