Applique vs Screen Printing

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Custom T-Shirt Printing: Screen Printing vs. Applique

The experts at GetBold are professionals in all things garment design. No matter the fabric you are hoping to customize or the design you are hoping to implement, GetBold has you covered. Through decades of experience, we have made a name for ourselves in the custom t-shirt printing and logo application industry and are always excited to further develop our portfolio by helping you turn your project idea into reality. There are countless ways to get a logo or design on fabric – each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. You can count on the seasoned staff at GetBold to help you decide if screen printing a sweatshirt or applying applique to a sweatshirt is the right decision for the project you have in mind. If this all sounds foreign to you, read on to learn a little more about two of our many offerings.

Custom embroidery and applique

Tote Bag, Sweatshirt, and T-Shirt Screen Printing

Screen printing can be a great option to get your logo or design on fabric. If your desired image is large, detailed, and is comprised of four or fewer colours many would argue that screen printing is the absolute best way to go. This is even more true if you plan on screen printing sweatshirts or t-shirts in large quantities. It is without a doubt the most cost-effective when your project grows in size.

Further, screen printing can be done in virtually any colour and is a great method to choose to make your design extra vibrant on any colour fabric. From screen printing tote bags to athletic wear, GetBold has helped companies, organizations, schools, sports teams, bachelor/bachelorette parties, bar crawls, and countless other groups transfer their custom logos onto the surface of their choosing in the most affordable and stylish way possible.

applique UBC

Uniform, Sweatshirt, and Jacket Applique Designs

Many people may not recognize the word applique, but everyone has seen this style of design. In short, applique is when pieces of fabric are attached to garments with ornamental needlework to display a logo or pattern in a slightly three-dimensional design. You’ve likely seen this on collegiate sweatshirts and hockey jerseys where the letters or logos of the university or team are stitched to the sweatshirt or jersey fabric itself. Sweatshirt or jacket applique embroidery is a great option if you want the embroidered look but are hoping to save some money because the design you have in mind is a bit larger. 

Applique designs tend to really stick out on a piece of fabric, making them an attractive choice for many. Applique embroidery is also more formal and elegant than screen printing and can be a good choice for more detailed logos in which classic embroidery is not an option. This type of design is not ideal for hats or t-shirts but is an excellent choice for sweatshirts, hoodies, uniforms, and jackets!

No matter what project you have in mind, GetBold has you covered. Whether you have a plan all laid out or need some advice on what printing method is best for your logo, design, or the fabric you are applying it to, you can count on our custom t-shirt printing professionals. Give us a call today to start turning your dream project into reality.