Advantages and Disadvantages of Screen Printing

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Quality, excellence and expertise are what you can expect with GetBold’s custom screen-printing products. New company shirts, team swag or school mementos, GetBold’s screen-printing gurus can take your designs to the next level!

We supply a wide range of quality garments, which come in different styles and colours, and have been tested to withstand physical pressures that come from wear and tear. High-quality materials, such as the type of fabric and type of ink are all crucial to ensuring your custom screen-printed garments meet your expectations. We prepare each job carefully by making sure the right inks, correct density and curing temperatures are selected to turn the product you imagined into a printed reality.

Custom embroidery and applique

The options are endless when it comes to your custom screen-printing needs. GetBold offers a variety of screen-printing techniques, such as plastisol inks for bright colours and muted tones, and discharge water-based inks that absorb directly into the material for a natural feel. Additionally, we have specialty screen-printing options, such as glitter, shimmer or metallic inks; puff inks for designs that raise above the garment and give it texture; foil inks for a shiny or reflective appearance or a combination of the above! Tomo is our designated shop manager. He is a master of the screen-printing trade, and oversees each and every custom screen-printing job to ensure excellence is always reached. 

Advantages of Custom Screen Printing

  • Screen-printing is the most durable method for printing graphics on apparel. The designs can withstand washing, sunlight and physical stressors from the user, resulting in long-lasting products.
  • Cost-effective for large orders. The more the merrier in this case! Screen-printing uses one screen for each colour in the graphic, so the larger the order, the lower the cost per unit. 
  • Custom screen-printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, hats and bags, the options are endless. Graphics and logos can be screen printed on almost any type of garment. 
  • Screen-printing is unrivaled by other techniques when it comes to making vibrant colours, and having specialty screen-printing options. GetBold does them all! 

Disadvantages of Custom Screen Printing

  • More colours equals higher costs. Since separate screens are prepared for each colour, each layer of colour leads to more preparation time and more resources used. 
  • Images can turn out blurred. Detailed photographs or graphics with specific gradients or shades may not come out as focused or exact due to the limitation of colours. Another factor is the thickness of the garment.
  • Costly method for small on-demand orders. We have the capacity to fulfill small on-demand orders. However, more preparation is required for custom screen-printing, which is more time consuming than other techniques. 
  • A lot of water is used to clean the screens and mix the inks, so screen-printing is not an eco-friendly method. 

We want to show you Get Bold’s custom screen-printing magic, so come on by to our showroom in North Vancouver to check out our selection. We have talented artists and screen-printing experts on-site to help you make something special, and assist you with any design and printing uncertainties.