Advantages and disadvantages of DTG (direct to garment) printing

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GetBold is well-established in the Vancouver and surrounding area, as a pioneer in the fabric printing industry. We were one of the first garment printers to employ the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technique, which is well-known for its incredible detail and impressive colours. At GetBold, custom direct-to-garment printing has revolutionized the quality and detail of the work we can deliver to our clients. Using DTG, we have a way of printing highly detailed photographs, graphics with a wide spectrum of colours, and a faster turnaround time for small on demand orders. 

Our direct-to-garment printing team works with the highest quality and well-maintained equipment to ensure the detail and turnaround time for your garments is the best in the Vancouver DTG printing market. Not only are the printers effective, but our team of experts check every item of apparel to make sure the images come out in the best print quality. 

Direct-to-Garment Printing Advantages

  • Best for small on-demand order requests. The turnaround time for direct-to-garment printing is very short, as it has a straightforward process of directly applying digital designs to the fabric without silk screens or transfer paper. 
  • Best print quality. There is no other printing method that will accurately reproduce intricate details and graphics with such a wide range of colours. 
  • Durable printed products. That’s right! The designs do not peel off easily or fade since the ink is absorbed directly into the fabric. 
  • Eco-friendly and safe materials. These water-based inks use less water and inks compared to other techniques. 

Direct-to-Garment Printing Disadvantages 

  • The lesser the better. Direct-to-garment is not optimal for larger volumes since the printing process is slower than other methods. It is also not cost-effective for lower volumes in comparison to other methods. 
  • Limited on types of fabrics. DTG printing is fussy, and the fabric needs to be at least 50% cotton, so the pigments absorb properly. This means no polyester garments. 
  • Sometimes, the pre-treatment can cause unpredictable staining, which is unavoidable until we see the final product. 
Advantages and disadvantages of DTG (direct to garment) printing

Gildan Ultra Cotton Classic Fit Shirt #2000

  • $6.53 ea
  • 27 colours
  • Small – 5XL
Advantages and disadvantages of DTG (direct to garment) printing

Gildan Ladies Heavy Cotton Missy Fit #5000L

  • $7.88 ea
  • 13 colours
  • Small – 2XL

Are you indecisive on whether to go with custom screen printing or custom direct-to-garment printing? Some factors to consider are if your logo or graphic is a complex design with a gradient of colours; direct-to-garment printing may offer you the best quality results. You also need to consider if your chosen apparel is at least 50% cotton, and whether your order is time sensitive. 

The more challenging a design, the more fun for our artists! We’re always looking to show off our creativity. We have many years of experience, and know what to look out for, so your garments turn out amazing. Our expertise and dedication to each and every job is why our clients’ keep coming back! Our talented team at GeBold is always ready to take on any project and answer any questions online, in-store and by phone.