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Applique is a stitched on image, sometimes called cresting or stitched on tackle twill. Most of the time it is stitched on letters, but it can be anything.

Custom Appliqué

At GetBold we are experts at sewn on appliqué. We can apply your image or letters using canvas, twill, or even soft felt. We can do multiple layers or single layers of fabric. We can do wide stitches or loose stitches. Applique can be applied to many different garments as well. Sweatshirts are popular for appliqué. I am sure you have seen custom collegiate sweatshirts with the letters of the college stitched on. It’s a classic look. Also, hockey jerseys are popular garments for stitched on twill crests on the front. Applique is typically done using a twill fabric but can also be done with felt or other types of acrylic.

Mixed Media

At GetBold we do all our manufacturing in-house. We have screen printing machines as well as embroidery machines which makes us the perfect company for mixed media designs. Do you want to make a garment with both a screen print and embroidery? Maybe some twill that is sewn over the top of a lightweight custom screen print? We can do that. Our sales and design team are experts in garment mixed-media garments.

How to Order Appliqué

Applique is a complicated process. First, we have to choose the garments and fabric type, then we need to cut the design using a laser cutter. Then we program the stitches and sew it on. It’s not really something that can be done using a design online tool. It takes some customer service and some attention to detail. We suggest you give us a call. If you are nearby maybe dropping in and seeing some sample will help you to decide.
We can send you photos, and design options too. Either way, we are committed to helping you achieve the best results of your applique design.

How Do We Price Applique?

Applique prices depend on the size, amount of layers and amount of stitches used to hold it down. Again, it is not something that can be done using our computer system on the website. We can usually give you a pretty close number based on your idea if you just give us a call. Once we have the art done, and we know how many stitches we will be making, we can be exact with your price. Applique is the most expensive option for decorating a garment, but because of it’s superior look and feel, your customers will be willing to pay much more for it.

Give us a call or send us an email to consult with us on your custom appliqué job.